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GTP2 Workshop

No description

septika widyasrini

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of GTP2 Workshop

Global Talent to Global Leader through Global Mindset
Nurturing Talents for TELKOM's Future Develop your expertise Learning to deal with cultural issues & different culture language, meaning, action Laws, business practice Psychological
Passion for diversity
Quest for adventure
Openness to new experience Intellectual
Global business Savvy
Cognitive complexity & flexibility
Develop competencies Global Leader Global Talent Catalyst Culture Capital Expectations Engage Exposure Experience Social
Inter-cultural interest & sensitivity
Interpersonal impact
Stable personal life Pace (faster or slower) Frame of reference Motivation, value Business drivers Action, behavior, habit Food, transportation, rules Decision making process Problem-solving approach Leadership practice Interpersonal style Time frames Title, authority Politics, social pattern, protocol Go early Just do it Be open to learning Focus on business result Don't confine yourself to business Maintain your networks Maintain your family There are many paths to a global leader Global leaders develop in global arena Culture shock is the unique global experience Lesson of culture are unique global lesson There are more hazards and traps in global career Learning to run a business Learning to lead and manage others Learning to deal with problematic relationship Learning about the Personal Qualities required of a leader Learning about self and career
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