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Music videos

Analyisation and a history

Aaron Robins

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Music videos

Music videos
Music videos are a way of an artist advertising their song by adding visuals to the song to reach a wider audience, that they couldn't reach via the radio.
The first music video was of the Beatles song "we can work it out" in 1965.
Top Of The Pops, wanted the Beatles on the show each week but them being on world tours made this impossible so they pre-recorded them preforming their songs and played it during the show..
Since Then music videos have become more risque and more daring with bigger budgets and pressure on directors to create original ideas for the artist
Is Tropical - The greeks
This video is directed by the French visual speacilists/directors Megaforce . Mixing a bit of animated and real-life footage to create a unique and controversial music video.
It is a concept video and it fits into this style by being unique and not showing the band, it does have hints of a narrative but its disjointed and hard to follow. It fits the conventions of a concept video by being a clear idea the director has used and stuck to, it is also abstract but fits the music.
The detonation of the video is of child warfare, but the connotations are of; being a child again, letting your imagination run free and of children loosing innocence or having to grow up quicker.
Its set in a small "cul-de-sac" in france using french children playing with toy guns which are unrealistic with cgi explosions and blood which also are unrealistic which shows the veiwers the children are never at harm.
Alot of time was spent in post production adding the explosions blood splatters the editing uses jump cuts alot as we follow the children around the houses and streets.
The video uses alot of sound effects and even french dialogue in the video which is more prominent which shows the director is more focused on the impact of the video rather than the song.
Bullet for my valentine - Scream aim fire
This video directed by Declan Whitebloom shows the band parading around London not to dissimilar to the Beatles and the monkeys.
This video has a narrative almost like "a day in the life of." The video begins in the morning and ends at night and is set in many locations across London. It fits in conventions of a pop video by using direct address from the members of the band which makes the fans feel included this is also achieved when fans are in the video through out and also staring in it at the end. The "female gaze" is also used focusing on each members face and eyes, they also have a dance routine even if easy and done in a joking fashion.
the band are all dressed smartly appealing to the target audience of young females.
The director cuts quickly from band to fans quite a few times during the video showing a "togetherness" between the two.
This video uses alot of props such as space hoppers, bikes and a big red bus, these show the band "having fun" and being "normal" this allows the audience to relate to the band again.
Daft Punk - Around The world
MTV (Music Television) is a Channel on TV used predominately for music videos and funded by commercials. Launched int the U.S on the first of August1987 and launched in the U.K on the 1st of July 1997.
MTV had a very wide fan base due to the wide range of music styles they were showing, which later lead to other channels such as.. MTV Base and MTV Rocks.
The success of MTV lead to other channels like VIVA 4Music. The power of the internet and sites like Youtube have also helped in music videos becoming so popular, music of all styles and most artists uploading videos for the world to see.
One Direction - One Thing
Types of music video
music videos can be categorized in to a few styles...
Music video styles and their conventions
The music video's style is linked to the genre of music eg rock, hip hop, dance and pop
Rock Video Conventions ; live performance.
instruments being played
Fans of the band shown. this gives the viewer the idea of being at the show. which gives a sense of togetherness between a band and their fans.
Pop Video Conventions ;
Dance routines
Male/female gaze
Direct address. This is due
to fact most successful pop
musicians are attractive and
their fans like to see them in
a way that makes them attractive.
Also when a male pop star has sexy
women in the video it means the video
is watchable by both genders.
Hip Hop Video Conventions ;
Street locations
Money/possessions (cars jewelry etc)
Girls. The main reason this is done is
to show how rich they are and how
appealing their lifestyle is to their fans.
the videos mainly seem to be a large part of one up-man-ship where different artist try to have the most flashy car and the most jewelry in their video
Types and styles of music video
Music videos can be segregated into a few main "styles" Live Performance, concept idea and Narrative based
Narrative videos follow a story through out the video with it reaching a climax at the end of the song, usually based around a love story. such as Dance with me tonight - Olly Murs
Live performance focuses on the artist either playing a show or at a location "preforming" the song such as Hearts burst into fire - Bullet For My Valentine
Concept videos are an idea being carried out usually being complex and abstract to keep the audiences attention such as End love - OK GO
Music video Techniques
Camera techniques
tilt- camera moving up and down
pan- camera moving side to side
tracking- camera following the subject
push in/out- camera moving closer to/ away from subject
zoom in/out- camera lens's moving closer/ further to get close to subject without the camera moving

Extreme close- some facial features

close up- face

mid shot- mid drift to top of head

two shot- shot with two subjects in frame

long shot - subject small mostly background
Mise-en-scene (everything in the shot)
Props - to make the video seem more realistic
Location- where the video is set
Lighting- weather natural lights or studio etc
Costumes- what the band/actors/extras are wearing
Dance video conventions ;
Lights/ light shows
Male gaze
dance videos usually try to fit the beat
using dancing or lights to get this across.
live performances are also a large slice of
dance music videos.
This video directed by Michel Gondry and shows different people walking around a circle in different outfits such as robots and skeletons to the beat of the music. Each "character" corresponds to a section of the music such as; keys, drums, bass and vocals the theme of bringing music to life is also shown when the camera angle from above shows the staging looking like a vinyl record.
This is a concept video and fits in to the genre of "dance music" by using complex lighting and a dance routine.
The costumes are a big part if the video and each have a meaning the Bass is represented by athletes shown to be big and strong almost the back bone to the song, the vocals are shown to be Aliens as a vocoder is used making them words sound distorted.
the lighting changes frequently changing colours also in time with music this links the two sections of the video together.
The main editing point is that no jump cuts are used as it would ruin the illusion of the music "being alive" but cuts between the different groups of dancers happen often.
The camera is on a crane and is constantly pulling in and out and panning showing all of the action from different view points around the staging and dancers this means the viewer can see everything thats going on easily and isn't bored from few static shots and angles.
This video is a performance video in a hanger with two banners having images of war projected on them reflecting the lyrics of the song.
It fits in with usual heavy metal videos by having the band playing their instruments, being darkly lit and with alot of fast cuts.
the band are all wearing dark colours along with the guitars and amps, the video is simple just using the performance not taking focus from the song.
The editing style matches the songs pace using fasts cuts with the average shot length being 1-3 seconds between band members and the location this stops the audience becoming bored of the simple style. It uses close ups of the lead singer alot, using direct address whilst he sings bringing in the audience more.
A Bands career can often blossom after releasing a music video, this is true in the case of british band Don Broco. they filmed a music video for their song Thug Workout on a friends camera edited it and sent it into Red Bull bedroom jams to which they were accepted and won the first bedroom jam series in 2009 since then they have released several other videos with higher production value due to their success and have played sonisphere festival reading festival toured with enter shikari played download festival and have recently finished their first headline tour. and in just over three years that is impressive and all because of the video their friend filmed on his camera.
Andrew Goodwin
Andrew Goodwin identified that there are a few key features in music videos
which were..
A relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics.
A relationship between the music and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music. Genre-related style and iconography present.
Multiple close-ups of the main artist or vocalist.
Voyeurism often plays a major part, especially in relation to females.
Intertextual references to other media texts may be present.
This doesn't mean
music videos are often constructed by the link between the visuals and the song plus the artist. Relationships are built between these in the video. Male gaze is used to improve video’s attractiveness, especially to males for example in Holly Valance's video for "kiss kiss" when you see her lips up close and you see her grind
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