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Kerri Walsh Side-Out Foundation

No description

Olivia Carel

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Kerri Walsh Side-Out Foundation

Side-Out Foundation
By: Olivia Carel

* The Side-Out Foundation is a charity that donates a portion of money to high-quality support services for cancer patients and their families.

*Support Services help families and cancer patients by donating money to help them get better.
Who started the foundation and where is it located
* Rick Dunetz is the founder of the Side-Out Foundation.

* The Side-out foundation is located at 3935 University Drive. Fairfax, Virginia, 22030.
What they do and what is their mission?
* The Side-out foundation raises money to try to help find a cure for breast cancer. Side-out also runs Dig Pink programs to raise awareness at volleyball tournaments, and hands out scholarships to young people to help them to continue to reach their goals.

* Their mission is to try and help as many people as possible and to try and get rid of breast cancer.
What is this charity?
Foundation website
When was it started?
* The Side-out foundation started in 2004. Rick, (the founder of the Side-out foundation) was facing a very hard task. His mother, Gloria, had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.

* After Rick had shared this piece of news with the volleyball team he was teaching, the team decided that they wanted to win every game, for Rick and his mom, and they did.
What legacy do you hope to leave with this?
After I learned about this foundation it has motivated me to do my best at everything I do. I think this foundation is important because it helps people in need and tries to help young athletes to have a better future. I love participating in Dig Pink events and seeing everyone support breast cancer research and patients by wearing pink that day of the tournament. Everyone from coaches to players, parents and referees all participate by wearing pink.
This is the Jersey we wore on Dig Pink day.
Me and my Grandpa
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