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The Hero's Journey: The Hobbit

Novel Cinema 3221

jean noel

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: The Hobbit

The Hero's Journey
by: Jean Felando Noel
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins is the main character threw out the movie. He is a hobbit who lives in a small house and is a very respectable hobbit who enjoys his quiet life as a hobbit.
The Call to Adventure
The call presents itself when Gandalf arrives at bilbo's house and asks Bilbo to join an adventure with him.
The Refusal of The Call
After all 13 dwarves arrive at Bilbo's house for tea and dinner, Bilbo officially refuses the call to adventure offered by Gaa, because, respectable hobbits don't go on adventures.
Supernatural Aid
Bilbo's supernatural aid is Gandalf. During this meeting, Gandalf tells Bilbo that he is going on the adventure. Convinced by Gandalfs words Bilbo runs out of The Shire to catch up with the dwarves and join them on their adventure.
Crossing the First Threshold
Bilbo crosses the first threshold when he runs out of his house and rushes to catch up with the Dwarves.
The Belly of the whale
The Road of trials
Woman as the temptress

Refusal of the Return
The Refusal of the return shows itself when Thorin the leader of the dwarves tells the hobbit that he is no longer needed and that he is nothing but a burden and to the dwarves and that he should just leave them on their quest.
Freedom to live
Bilbo moment where freedom to live is shown is when he uses the ring that he found in the cave to help him save the dwarves that was stuck and being held captured by the elf's
The Return
By the end of the movie the hero is still unable to make his way back home since they haven't accomplished their quest yet and this is what leads to a second movie.
The Belly of the whale is the first separation between the hero and his companions threw out their trip. For example, in the movie it relates to the moment when Bilbo got separated with the Dwarves in the cave when they get captured by the goblin, but luckily he manages to get away.
At this point Bilbo has gone threw many trials. For example bilbo's trails wasn't only to face many creatures and monsters but to also meet the expectations of the dwarves and leave the comfort of his old life behind
Woman as the temptress symbolize temptation who normally comes in the form of a female. In The Hobbit the temptress is shown in a form of an object. For example after defeating the mountain trolls they find a cave filled with gold, silver, jewels, armor and weapons.
Atonement With The Father
Atonement with the father symbolizes the hero coming to terms or defeating their farther figure. For example the father figure of this movie is Gandalf because he is the one that Bilbo turns to for guidance.
Desolation of Smaug
Unexpected journey
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