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Calypso--The Greek Goddess

A presentation on Calypso as portrayed in Percy Jackson and Odysseus.


on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Calypso--The Greek Goddess

Calypso is the daughter of Atlas, Titan of endurance and strength, and Tethys, Titan and sea goddess
After supporting her father, Atlas, in the war between Gods and Titans (which the Titans lost), Calypso was exiled to Ogygia, an uncharted island
She is a minor goddess and a nymph
She has no Roman form or name; she is Greek
She is a powerful magician
By Nika, Lily, and Marissa
Who is Calypso?
What Was Calypso's Role in the Odyssey?
Calypso's role in
The Odyssey
, by Homer, is not a very flattering one
She is portrayed as a narcissistic sea nymph who holds Odysseus captive for seven years
She hopes to marry him and offers him immortality, but upon his refusal she helps Odysseus build a boat to reach home (to show that she cared for him)
This myth is important for it shapes the journey of one of the greatest greek heroes ever
What inconsistencies exist in her myths?
While it is commonly believed that Calypso is the daughter of
Hesiod says she is the daughter of
Tethys and Oceanus
Pseudo-Apollodorus claims Calypso is the daughter of
Nereus and Doris
Homer says Calypso has
no children
While others claim Calypso and Odysseus had a
son, Latinus
Others say Calypso and Odysseus had
two children, Nausithous and Nausinous
Definition of Nymph
A nymph is a minor goddess that most often lives nearby lakes, rivers, or in the woods.
They are associated with nature and beauty
Calypso likewise has immortal powers

Calypso and Odysseus Myth Inconsistencies
What was Calypso's Curse?
Calypso was banished to the island of Ogygia, but she was also cursed; she was to fall in love with any demigod (half god, half human) that visited the island.
To punish her, the gods sent injured demigods every one thousand years
Finally, while the gods could come and go, Calypso was imprisoned on Ogygia forever

How Would One Describe Calypso?
Homer claims Calypso kept Odysseus prisoner for
seven years
However, Pseudo-Apollodorus says
five years

Hyginus says
"Queen of Ogygia"
"Daughter of Atlas"
Helpful to rescue others

insert words here
Calypso and Percy Jackson
Calypso's Myth
In the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, Calypso is portrayed as a sweet, kind girl who looks to be roughly 15 or 16 years of age. She is skilled at weaving and magic, and is said to be a powerful sorceress.
Percy Jackson washed up on Ogygia's shore and met Calypso, at first believing she was a trap. He had learned the hard way that all beautiful things cause one harm.
However, Percy soon learns to trust Calypso and her island, for she healed him and was kind to him.
One day, over dinner, Percy asks Calypso why she refuses to enjoy herself, and Calypso tells him her sad tale. At the end, she tells him she loves him.
However, like all the others, Percy realizes that as much as he would like to stay, he has to fulfill his duty as a demigod and join his friends.
Calypso accepts his decision, making him a magical raft and sending him off.
After departing from Ogygia, Percy states that Calypso would always be his biggest what if.
Calypso and Leo Valdez
Today, the term "calypso" is most commonly used to describe a style of music rather than the greek goddess.
"Calypso" is also a Caribbean style of music
One of Saturn's moons is named Calypso. It was discovered in 1980 and named after her.
"And I welcomed Oddyseus warmly, cherished him, and even vowed to make the man immortal, ageless, all his days..."
"...Calypso clung to him in her sea-hollowed caves- a nymph, immortal, and most beautiful who craved him for her own" (Book One, Line 14)
Quotes About Calypso From Homer's
What are other myths about Calypso?
Leo Valdez is another demigod that lands on Calypso's island
At first, Calypso hates him, believing the gods are mocking her by sending a scrawny boy
Leo builds a home far away from Calypso and begins to work on a way to get off the island
Calypso visits him to yell about all the noise he's making, but also brings him food and new clothes
Calypso begins to take an interest in one of Leo's projects, and helps him get it to work with her magic
Gaea, the evil earth goddess visits the island, asking Calypso to join her and kill Leo
Calypso refuses, and after that helps Leo in his attempts to find a way off Ogygia
The two bond, and Leo offers Calypso the opportunity to leave Ogygia with him, which Calypso refuses for she says it will destroy any hope of Leo getting off
As he leaves, Leo swears that he will come back for her, and Calypso cuts him off with a kiss
Later, Leo returns to find Calypso waiting for him, her suitcases packed, and the two fly off on a dragon into the unknown
Homer Odyssey
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