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The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Women and Gender Studies Participatory Library

Here is were you can learn all about our very special library

April Parker

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Women and Gender Studies Participatory Library

take a closer look... Welcome Please explore and become familiar with this space. This orientation will cover:
Mission Statement and Vision
Hours of Operation
Contact Information
Tutorial: How to use our LibraryThing catalog and more!!! Mission Statement The library will take an activist role and promote the advancement of women's issues and gender equity through its services, advocacy efforts and educational programs. The department promotes the use of these materials by the University’s academic community, and the community at large. To that end the library’s mission is to:
Embrace alternative relationships to information and is committed to promoting transliteracy.
Create an inclusive learning environment, and safe space where a multitude of identities can have equitable access to marginalized literature and cultural diversity resources.
Make visible the collective histories of underrepresented populations and intersectionality of our communities' lives.
Uplift our legacy of resilience in order to strengthen our present day social movements. Our Vision We will fulfill our mission by providing:
Improve access to existing materials.
Value and foster the collective intelligence generated by high quality conversations among diverse people working together.
Make efforts to ensure access is ubiquitous.
“Cultivate community ties through collection development”.
Counteract the current and repetitive traditional practices and library system which involves inherent inequalities
Create physical space that is welcoming and conducive to conversation, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and research.
Utilize departmental expertise in service and education provision. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Women and Gender Studies
Participatory Library Orientation Experience the Library! Borrowing Materials Hours how to find us The author April Parker,
WGS Library Consultant,
Graduate Assistant,
Radical librarian
in training Questions Contact Us:
Friends of WGS

Mailing Address

UNCG Women's and Gender Studies
336 Curry (P.O. Box 26170)
Greensboro NC 27402




womens_studies@uncg.edu Contact Us:
Suggestion box located in the Library Curry 338

Mailing Address

UNCG Women's and Gender Studies
(P.O. Box 26170)
Greensboro NC 27402




womens_studies@uncg.edu catalog: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/UNCG-WGS-Library
Come Visit Curry Building Room 338 Don't forget to
sign in and let us
know you stopped by!! Greater Community can use our Interlibrary Loan system UNCG affiliates and Friends of WGS and Jackson Library we lend:

Books- 4 weeks
ILL- 3 weeks Come Visit Open 9am- 5om Monday through Friday Find out MORE
Visit the Library Website Programs Services Intersectionality Information Alliance
InterLibrary Loan System Participate Volunteer Workshops Student Zine Make Book Suggestions Join the Library Commitee Library Procedures Provide Feedback Door are open 9am-5pm
Monday through Friday All about UNCG WGS... LibraryThing
Getting Started
view this..... Watch this to Learn How to Use/Navigate LibraryThing By Cover : Tab: Your Books /by List or/Cover Browse the WGS Participatory Library Collection Cool LibraryThing Features!! LibraryThing Local Intersectionality Information Alliance UNCG WGS InterLibrary Loan Program Statistics/Collection Information What to read next? ... LibraryThing has book suggestions and has reviews based on the book selected and/or what materials are in the collection. Our catalog is found on LibraryThing Check it out!!
http://www.librarything.com/home/UNCG-WGS-Library The catalog contains details/statistics about the collections, including series information View WGS profile for all organization basic information including mission, contacts, etc.

Member connection is also a hyperlink that will bring you to our ILL partnering library's catalog Bayard Rustin Center of Guilford College, and the Black Feminist Mind Lending Library of Durham, NC. Search their catalog by cover, or author cloud, or tag to see what topics are covered within their library!! Then go to the website and request a loan today! This features maps out all the upcoming local events based on the library's location!! LibraryThing Groups LibraryThing has many interactive components which is perfect for remote, mobile, and distant learning use!

LibraryThing Groups, members are welcome to enter discussion forums from across the nation! UNCG WGS has created a Book Talk Forum to compliment our book club!! Join us! Come to WGS library and Study!! By Author: Your books/Author Cloud Series are great places for research and finding similar readings, experts in a field. Above view author cloud below lists of tags/topics in the collection.
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