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The Silence...an introduction to the inner world of Stuart Saunders Smith

An introduction to the inner world of Stuart Saunders Smith

Jose Augusto Duarte Lacerda

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of The Silence...an introduction to the inner world of Stuart Saunders Smith

an introduction to the inner world of Stuart Saunders Smith The compositional process:
Silence as cause and effect of inner listening Rhythmic intricacy:
Non-periodicity, speech, and silence “The rest is silence” Writing and silence Inner listening;
"Listening the silence;"
Surrealistic Aesthetics Breath for mezzo-soprano and orchestra bells;
Sentence quoted from Hamlet Comparison of "Leaving" and "To Suffer Music:" rests and dots of silence;
"Links No. 5": Commentary #2;
Commentary #1: "In find no rest in silence" Coexistence, Religion, and Silence The Silence... The silence in “To Freshen the Moment!” Cage’s 4´33´´ and Smith’s 89´´:
a comparison Conclusion

"Silence makes music possible." Relation of Quakerism and music of coexistence 4'33'': Zen focus "on the concrete reality, on sensory experience and vivid imagery, rather than abstraction, emotion or cogitation;"

89'': Introspective, reflexive, abstract, ceremonial..."This movement adds mystery to silence, like the mystery of Jesus." Commentary #2

A rest

is not a wait
but a summing -up,
an anticipation
in silence.

A rest
is not a break either.

A rest
is a hole.

We often talk
about how long the rest
but rarely
its depth.

The depth of a rest
is determined
by what comes before and after.

The length
of a rest
is less important that
its depth. Commentary #1

What is there
to write in silence.

That is not golden?
(It's white).

That it is not empty?
(It's listening).

I find no rest
in silence.

It is an isn't
being an is. Why do we forget?

To Freshen the Moment! (The Silence...)
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