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The Anaconda Plan

No description

Alex Endresen

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of The Anaconda Plan

The Anaconda Plan What Was It? The Anaconda Plan was the Union's strategy for the Civil War. Step One- Cut off the
Confederate's trade by sea. Step Two- Gain control of the Mississippi River to cut off the CSA's transportation system. Dividing the CSA into two pieces so they couldn't help eachother. Step Three- Capture the capital
of the CSA, Richmond, Virginia. Who Made It? Abraham Lincoln and General Winfield Scott came up with the plan. When Was it Made? It was created in the spring of 1861. Why was it made? It was made to win the Civil War as soon as possible. The Anaconda Plan influenced the outcome of the CIvil War in an economic and an emotional kind of way. It began to destroy the CSA's economy. Then the soldiers clothing began to become simple rags and the civilans of the CSA were going hungry and couldn't support themselves, even when they grew their own food. By doing this The Anaconda Plan helped the Union win the Civil War. How did The Anaconda Plan effect the outcome of the Civil War? This is a photo that illustrates The Anaconda Plan. EQ#21-What was the most important cause
of the Civil War? The most important cause of the Civil War was the growing debate on state's rights. The southern states thought that the the federal government couldn't regualte where they took their property, along with tariffs they thought was unfair. After the election of 1860, they became aminority in congress and in the executive branch. They would lose the issue on state's rights, so they secessed. This is a picture of General Winfield Scott,
who helped come up with The Anaconda Plan. EQ#22- What factors and events influenced the outcome
of the Civil War? I think The Anaconda Plan, and the battles of Antietam, Vicksburg, and Fort Wagner influenced the outcome of the Civil War. This is becuase the Battle of Anteitam and Vicksburg helped complete the Anaconda Plan, which ultimately crippled the CSA's ecomomy, helping end the war. The battle at Fort Wagner was important because it paved the way for more African Americans to join the Union Army. This gave the Union a great advantage in the Civil War. EQ#23- To what extent did reconstruction
bring African Americans closer to full citizenship? The reconstruction era brought African Americans halfway to full citizenship. The 13th admendment and the Freedmen Bureau made African Americans almost full citizens. Then the Black Codes were passed and they got farther away from becoming full citizens. After the 14th and 15th admendment were passed they were full citizens because the Black Codes were abolished. They became half citizens after the Jim Crow Laws were passed becuase they were essentailly taken away the right to vote and segregation started. Connection In 480 BCE, King Xerxes of the Persian Empire waged a war on the Greece city state of Athens. The Athenians called on their enemies, the Spartans, for help. King Leonidas, of Sparta, decided to send help. Leonidas has been imortalized for his role in the Battle of Thermopylae Pass (The Battle of the 300). At the same time that battle was taking place, the Athenians and the Spartans were waging war on the sea as well. They were defending the Voreios Evvoikos Kolpos. The Persian's plan was to cut off the trade routs of Athens to strangle them economicly. The difference between their plan and the Anaconda Plan was that their plan failed. Facts About the Spartans:
The right of passage for a Spartan boy was to kill a slave without being caught.
The Spartan boys were sent to millitary training camps at the age of six.
The only way you could have a gravestone on your grave in Sparta was to die in battle, or to die in childberth becuase both were viewed as sacrifices to the state. Works Cited These are the two different flags used by the different sides during the Civil War. This is a map of the political divisions of the USA in the 1850's. This is a map of the area around the Thermopylae Pass. This is an actual Green Anaconda. The Civil War Project By Alex
Endresen This is one of the last photos
taken of Abraham Lincoln. Works Cited
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MLA formatting by BibMe.org. Effects of The
Anaconda Plan During the Anaconda Plan Union soldiers would burn the crops in the CSA. They also cut railroad lines so supplies couldn't be transported easily. As the citizens of the CSA were starving they wrote to soldiers telling them about their struggles. After reciving letters like this many of the CSA's soldiers deserted to help. This is a photo
of a train wreck. Closeing Questions:
What were the three steps of The Anaconda Plan? What was the name of the General that
helped make The Anaconda Plan? The King of the Persian
Empire in 480 BCE was.... Extra:
How many Battles were fought at the Thermoplyae Pass? Step One- Cut off the
Confederate's trade by sea.
Step Two- Gain control of the Mississipi River to cut off the CSA's transportation system. Dividing the CSA into two pieces so they couldn't help eachother.
Step Three- Capture the capital
of the CSA, Richmond, Virginia. General Winfield Scott Xerxes 3-
The Battle between the Spartans/Athenians verses the Persians in 480 BCE. The persian won the pass, but the Spartans/Athenians waon the war.
The battle between the Greeks and the Gauls in 270 BCE. The Gauls won the pass after several months.
The battle between the Romans and the Syrians in 191 BCE. This was during the Second Punic War and the Romans won the pass and the war.
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