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Antioch: A Model Church

No description

Eric Bryan

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Antioch: A Model Church

Antioch: A Model Church
Born out of persecution (11:19)
Born out of Gospel witness of regular men (11:20)
God's hand on the work (11:21)
Many coming to faith in Jesus Christ (11:21,24)
God's grace abundant (11:23; 14:26: 15:40)
Devotion to the Lord (11:23,26)
Grounded in sound doctrine (11:26)
Holy Spirit at work (11:27; 13:2)
Generous, compassionate giving/sharing (11:29-30)
Diverse, multiplying leadership (13:1)
Prayer and fasting foundational (13:2; 14:23)
Ministry of sending out (13:2-3)
Disciple-making focus (14:21)
Acts 11:19-30
A local church is born from Gospel witness, takes root and looks outward
Acts 13:1-3
Diverse leadership multiplies and sends out with Gospel witness
Acts 14:21-28
Churches are planted and Gospel growth is celebrated
Acts 15:1-3a,30-35
Pure doctrine is guarded and defended
Acts 15:36-41
Conflict, though inevitable, is decisively resolved and Gospel growth focus is maintained
Who? Why?
Hub for strengthening & encouraging (14:22)
Refined thru testing (14:22; 15:37-41)
Shepherded by elders (14:23)
Sharing stories of God's work (14:27)
Infiltrated with heresy (15:1)
Strong defense of pure doctrine (15:2-3)
Encouraged by & celebrating in Gospel purity & preeminence (15:31-34)
Plurality of leadership (15:35)
Central focus on preaching and teaching of God's Word (15:35)
Strengthening generational disciples/churches (15:36,41)
Under God's sovereignty, following Jesus our Head, empowered and directed by the Holy Spirit
Rooted in the love of God
Deeply committed to prayer
Clear & simple path for involvement & growth
Regularly gathered for Biblical worship & practice, equipping & mutual encouragement
Fulfilling body building works of service
Sensitive to those from outside, guests, and those deciding to enter into the body
Relentless, focused, reproducing evangelistic discipleship
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