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Life of Pi - Essay Outline

No description

Harpreet Singh

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Life of Pi - Essay Outline

Life of Pi Seminar Introduction Lead:
• Along one's life journey, there will be ups and downs. There will be storms and difficult times. However, whether it be a healing journey to restore your physical well-being, seek a clearer vision of your mission or passion, or achieve inner balance. The direction one will find them self traveling in will positively affect all aspects of their being.

Thesis Statement:
• Pi's life journey in Yann Martells' “Life of Pi ", is no different than explained, but simply to find his true identity.

Three Supporting Arguments:
• He ignites his life journey to find his true identity from a very young age by experimenting with different religions, then goes on to the adventure in the sea he had driven, but at the end was a new person, a mature Pi that had evolved from the obstacles he had faced, completing his quest for enlightenment.
Topic Sentence:
• Religion is what provides the final reason for getting out of bed in the morning, it is what provides a structural basis to us, and hope of another day. Though Pi was born a Hindu and was at a very young age, he felt a part of him was missing, nor could he figure out who he really was. Until a very special moment, where he found two religions that fascinated him in many ways and brought him much closer to God. It truly was the start of Pi knowing who he really was.

• Christianity was his first interfaith encounter. Although he thought that Jesus can't hold a candle to the exotic adventures of Hindu gods, his message of love seemed very important. He began to meet regularly with a Catholic priest and soon asks to be baptized, which shows he was a step closer to finding out who he really was.

• However, that was not enough for Pi, he still felt out of place. Until Islam was brought to him by a religious man at the market. He found Islam to be a beautiful religion of brotherhood and devotion, and starts to pray five times a day by placing a prayer rug in the garden facing Mecca. This last religion opened his eyes widely and was another step of who he really was.

Concluding Statement:
•Practicing these 3 religions was what brought him peace among his identity. He discovered that not religion was the answer but faith. Combining all three faiths from each religion aided him and sparked his quest for his identity. Body Paragraph One Topic Sentence:
• Not only did Religion help guide Pi to who he really was, but the obstacles and the struggles that Pi faced also helped. Throughout his journey he experienced many obstacles that were multi-folded. One of them being stranded at sea and through that experience he became much more mature making it easier to find out who he really was.

• The very first obstacle Pi faced was struggling for survival. He now has to catch his own fish and slaughter sea turtles just to survive every day for his entire journey. Where before he lived a comfortable lifestyle in Pondicherry; he always had food available and did not have to break his religious beliefs. This obstacle showed him the reality of the real word, and what one must do to survive. It really showed how he matured and again became much closer to who he really was.

• However, not only did his physical struggle with survival help him mature, but also helped his ability to psychologically cope with his situation and his loneliness. He learns to let go of tragic events; such as his family’s death, as there are many more to come. Accepting their death makes his fear less paralyzing and enables him to take action. Again demonstrating how pi matures even more, allowing him to find his true identity.

Concluding Statement:
•Thus these ordeal events by no means destroyed Pi's hope to figure out who he really was, but enlightened him with experience. He became much mature by learning what it was like to be an adult, with such great responsibilities that even the slightest mistake could lead to failure. Body Paragraph Two Topic Sentence:
•From all of these events, of Pi experimenting with religion and his struggles at sea. One can establish clearly that the journey Pi went through is in fact the quest to establish his own identity; to truly find out who he really is.

•He wants to decide who he will be as an adult. He wishes to make meaning of his life, with all of its obstacles and tragedies that came his way. Most importantly, he wants his values to correspond with the society around him, and reconcile the need for survival with the need to uphold those values.

•And in the end, is when we finally see him take these steps and transform to the man he is today; married to a beautiful wife with 2 kids and a house. He walks away from the Japanese men sure of himself, though leaving them with uncertainty.

Concluding Statement:
•Hence, every experience during his journey changes him forever. He was transformed by virtue of his enlightenment which was the quest to find out who he was, leaving the old Pi no longer present, but has been forever changed by the completion of his journey. Body Paragraph Three Restatement of Thesis:
• Pi started off as a young Indian boy, on the quest of his identity.

Review of the key points:
• He found his true identity by practicing the 3 religions; Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Also him being stranded at sea. Which left him as the successful man he is today.

• Novels like this are what patch the holes in the world to create peace, and should be read by every generation to come. Conclusion By: Harpreet Singh The End Watch The Video, of the upcoming Movie ! Life Of Pi Richard Parker Pi P.S click on each part to zoom in
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