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Economic Globalization and Charity

No description

Zeyu Ma

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Economic Globalization and Charity

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Economic Globalization and Charity Economic Gloablization Wealth increasingly goes into a few countries or a few groups. Economic Globalization promotes the development of charity in both good and bad ways. Disadvantages advantages Economic globalization means economic activities in all parts of the world become connected. It began in1980s The gap between rich and poor get further in worldwide According to World Bank statistics, in 1983, the low-income developing countries average gross domestic product(GDP) is 2.4% of high-income developed countries, which is 43 times more than the developing countries. Until 1994, this proportion decreased to 1.6%, which is 62 times more than the developing countries. GDP means in a period of time, the total value of the goods and services produced in the economy of a country or a region. Main roles in economic globalization
Not all people get profit in economic globalization, especially the developing countries. Bad side America low-income countries Examples high-income countries Iphones assemble in China. Those metal parts with poison. Bad for human and environment. Example China average$225 average$10,200 So, the economic globalization still has unfair things.With the development of it, the growing gap between rich and poor has attracted the attention of the world. shortage of resources 1980 1980 Transnational coporations Bad ways Good ways Reputation Conclusion Economic globalization promote the development of charity. Thank You For Listening!!! Make economy grow faster
Help develop science
Make resoures to be configured well How do charities develop?
What is the relationship between economic globalization and charity? Good side Make their economy grow faster than before Hard to competed with developed countries company. Bad things
Works need to do Fights, Wars Transnational corporations are those large companies who have global business, and have branches and factories in a number of countries. Usually they put factories in developing countries. Economic globalization Competition Better production&transportation science&technology Help charities' work If everyone offer a little, the world will be a better place Companies develop cooperate with charities win-win 1990 China $300 1990 America 23400 $
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