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No description

Camila Ospina Garcia

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of ENGLAND

the kingdom of England - that from 1284 also included Wales - was an independent state until 1707, date on which the Act of Union was signed in Scotland to create the united kingdom of great Britain

In 1801 Ireland he joined the kingdom of great Britain created the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until 1922

with the independence and partition of Ireland since it is the united Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The England have been many artists who have succeeded in the world of show,actors and musicians

besides actors as Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson and others, or singers, bands as One Direction, The Beatles and others who triumphed in the world

Besides having successful singers and successful actors of England successes have also emerged , best seller , in literature, as is the saga of Harry Potter

England is a tourist site , which has become a destination for many people

England is a place which draw many artists, in all areas , including literature
England is a country whose capital is London, it's official language is the English, it's policy is based on a constitutional monarchy, this queen is Isabel II.

England is part of the Kingdom of Great Britain

England currently sits directly governed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom

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