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Bob Weekes

on 30 May 2018

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Transcript of M4:U2:L2

Warm-up: Open your research folder, take out the first article on the left and the packet on the right.
The history of nitrogen fertilizer and its impact on the land
Nitrogen fertilizer is hurting the land and we need to look at how it's being used.
"They did include threats to climate, to human health through nitrate pollution in drinking water, to fish and other wild-life through fertilizer run-off...and to soil health..."
Counterclaim: "The widespread use of the substance is considered part of the so-called Green Revolution, which radically increased the amount of food we could grow."
"Nitrous oxide in the atmosphere has risen by 20 percent since the Industrial Revolution...And its a major ozone-depleting chemical."
Begin reading "Agriculture in America"

for negative consequences
for positive consequences.

Identify the author's claim (informational and persuasive)

at least two quotes
that support the author's claim
one quote
that offers a
Which food chain should be used to feed the country?
Check 1
Check 2
Check 3
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