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First Day Prezi

Mr. Dumas first day of class presentation

Joshua Dumas

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of First Day Prezi

Welcome to Mr. Dumas' Classroom
Hopefully your summer was long and enjoyable
Hopefully you made lots of money
or had lots of school appropriate fun
and now it's time to get down to
Literally :)
But first...
Let's get to know one
another, shall we?!
Basic Policies
When I am addressing the class
Students are to stop talking and listen
Class will begin on time everyday
You must break the threshold of the classroom by the final bell.
If you are tardy, sign the book and sit down.
Students may not have any food or drink in the classroom at any time
No exceptions
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance
There will be absolutely no talking during the moment of silence.
All students will stand for the Pledge of Aleigence
Bullying will not be tolerated
Intercom Announcements
Any time the intercom chimes in
you are to STOP talking.
Calling on me for assistance
I am only one person. I can't help everyone at once.
Leave your cell phones in your bag
Use of internet proxies
are forbidden.
Only school appropriate language and conversations are acceptable
Time to meet your

I am originally from Michigan
Ludington, MI
I am happily married
and the proud owner of
a beagle puppy
Meet Olive
I love learning
and cheering on
my Detroit Tiger's.
Family is very important to me
Let's take a walk around the classroom
Take this class seriously
Finally...Use the class website for more than bell ringers.
Students will only use ear buds/headphones when given permission
If I have to ask you to remove your headphones, they are subject to be confiscated. They will PUT IN JAIL!
refusal to relinquish said headphones will result in a refusal to obey /disrespectful referral
Students are to remain seated unless told otherwise
Consider this your warning
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