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George Washington

No description

Alexandria Gilkey

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of George Washington

Military Experience
Mount Vernon
Email Address
City, State
Mount Vernon:
In 1775, Congress commissioned George to take command of the Continental Army. After suffering crushing defeats by the British, on Christmas night in 1776, Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River attacked the unsuspecting British troops at Trenton and forced their surrenders. A few days later, he crossed the Delaware again and successfully attacked the British at Princeton. With the help of a French fleet and army, Washington and Rochambeau decided to strike at the British army under Cornwallis, which was camped at Yorktown, Virginia. On October 19, 1781, he accepted the surrender of Cornwallis army, which brought the Revolutionary War to and end.
George Washington was Commander of Virginia's miltia in French and India War(1755-1758).
Mount Vernon is located on the Potomac River in Northern Virginia near Washington DC.
The original name was Little Hunting Creek Plantation, renamed Mount Vernon by half-brother Lawrence.
He freed 122 of his slaves at the time of his death.
Politic Experience
George Washington
The Professional Life of
George Washington was born on his fathers plantation on Pope's Creek in Westmoreland Country, Virginia on February 22, 1732. He married young widow Martha Dandridge Curtis in 1759.Plantation owner, He helped her raise two children from her previous marriage. On December 12, 1799, after spending the day in the sleet and snow, George became sick and on December 14, 1799 he died of throat infection. He and his wife Martha, who died three years later and buried at Mount Vernon.
Military Experience
Washington chaired the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1887
He took office on the eve of the French Revolution and he believed that the US must remain neutral to the European war
No one could persuade Washington to a third term, he retired from politics in 1797.
He was unanimously voted the 1st president of the united states in 1789
George Washington was reelected President in 1793
George Washington
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