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Who is Mitch Albom?

No description

Roxanne Jackson

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Who is Mitch Albom?

Who is Mitch Albom? Mitch was born on May 23, 1958 in Passic, New jersy. In his early 20's Mitch volenteered to work for a weekly news paper. He eventually returned to graduate school, earning a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, followed by an MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. Mitch eventually turned full time to writing as a freelance sports journalist in New York for publications such as Sports Illustrated, GEO, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. In 1995 he married Janine Sabino. The same year he incountered Morrie Schwartz, a former college teacher dying from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. His visits from Morrie lead to the book "Tuesdays with Morrie" and he backed away from sports and became a world reconized auther.
All three of Mitch's storys became sucessful T.V. movies. Tuesdays With Morrie, Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day, where all made into movies. Tuesdays with Morrie is a very good book and I encorge you all to read it. I hope that you will read this book because it has a lot of life leasons and you may go threw the same thing.
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