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Basic 4

Lesson Plan

Alejandro Amaya

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Basic 4

Basic 4 Unit 1 Objectives Introduce unit task 1 and objectives Get to know your classmates reviewing simple present and verb to be Listen for specific information Task 1: Post your profile in the Ning community in the forum section. Making friends Can you think of other collocations for make? How well do you know your classmates? Predict the answers of the questions you created. Confirm with your classmate and decide how well you know your classmates Lesson c
Do you come here a lot? Objectives Start a conversation with a stranger using conversation starters and actually. Role-play a conversation following intonation and pronunciation patterns. Listen for specific information and make notes about conversation starters. Rhythm and intonation
Video Lesson D
Do you come here a lot?
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