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Switch by Carol Snow

No description

hannah van

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Switch by Carol Snow

The girl who goes by Claire Martin has some strange things happening to her. Electrical storms have been making her switch bodies lately.
Irony Example
Big storm
"One Mississippi, two Mississippi"
"I will not tell you my weight because it is a big number, though i am really just solid"
"I was born on the strike of midnight, so i think it should count as 2 days"
"Okay, unless you factor in all of those conversations with my dead grandmother"
Hint about the future
"We live in the same house she grew up in two blocks away"
"So as you can see from the occasional body
switching i am a completely normal, average,
boaring kid."
Main Characters
Claire Martin
Switch by Carol Snow
Hannah VanDeBogart
Plot Summary
A town that's very sunny with beautiful blue
water. Didn't provide a place.
Authors message to the reader

"And from what i could see, your
lucky about a lot of things"
Authors Purpose
"I can hear the water as we drive by the ocean"
"My people"

"I am always greatful for my early readers"
"To all staff of the Levine Greenberg Literary Angency"
"Im so lucky to have you as my people"
"There hard work and enthusiasm"
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