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Solar Power


Razib m

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Solar Power

is a Finite EARTH System Everything is transformed Nothing is destroyed Nothing is created 1200 billion barrels World's proven oil reserves are growth of 1% per year With a world oil consumption the oil reserves will be exhausted in less than years 40 But Literally!! years to trap the carbon that took nature released in the atmosphere, we will have In 200 years, 600 million going to rise another 18 to 59 cm by the year 2100 The sea level has risen 15 to 20 cm over the 20th century and is increasing Energy cost is ... to reduce the energy cost while adapting the demand to the need top!!! Run to the Could be the ANSWER! SO, why not WE change the WORLD! USE SOLAR POWER Use Solar Power Lets make our Greener world a Place
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