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A Cell Is A Lot Like A Farm

No description

Amy Gabriel

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of A Cell Is A Lot Like A Farm

The fence on a farm is much like the cell membrane, because it contains all the farms functions.
On a farm, the farmer would be the nucleus because he controls everything.
The soil represents the cytoplasm because it surrounds everything outside of the nucleus and inside the cell membrane.
Cell Membrane
The sun above the farm would be the mitochondria in a cell, because it produces energy for the plants.
The compost pile would resemble a cells lysosome, because it allows breaks down foods and "recycles old parts".
The vacuole on a farm would be the barn, because food and water are stored there.
Water produces plants, just like ribosomes produce protiens.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The roads on the farms closely resemble the endoplasmic reticulum because they carry produce.
A Cell Is A Lot Like A Farm
www.google.com (farm soil)
www.google.com (farm fence)
www.google.com (farmer)
www.google.com (sun)
www.google.com (barn)
www.google.com (compost pile)
www.google.com (farm roads)
www.google.com (farm water)
Golgi Bodies
On a farm, the trucks that deliver produce would be the golgi bodies.
www.google.com (farm delivery truck)
The seeds that contain the DNA of plants are like the chromatin that contain DNA in our cells.
www.google.com (seeds)
Nuclear Envelope
The nuclear envelope is like the cell membrane, but around the nucleus. This is like the animals around the barn.
www.google.com (animals around barn)
In a cell, centrioles allow for DNA to be duplicated. This occurs on a farm when hens lay eggs.
www.google.com (hen and eggs)
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