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Augmented Reality

No description

Daisy Marino

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Augmented Reality

Daisy Marino

Augmented Reality
- @TechMinock
- @Techbradwaid
- @2GuysShow
- @terrieicholz
- @KleinErin
- @coolcatteacher
Who to follow for Augmented Reality:
- Aurasma
- ColAR
- AR Flashcards
- Daqri
- Wordlens
- FETCH! Lunch Rush
- ZooBurst
- AR Basketball
Augmented Reality Apps
- www.twoguysandsomeipads.com
- www.daqri.com
- www.aurasma.com
- www.colarapp.com
- arflashcards.com
- www.kleinspiration.com
augmented reality -
making something come to life
aura -
your final product
trigger -
the original image that you want to bring to life
overlay -
the image that magically appears when you hover over the trigger
where your auras are stored. Students have to follow your channel to obtain your auras.
Augmented Reality Vocabulary
- Choose your YouTube video
-Convert the video to an MP4 using an online converter

- save to MP4 to your desktop
-use the converted MP4 as the overlay for your image (choose video instead of image)
The following link takes you through how to create an aura with the Aurasma app step by step:


Augmented Reality has changed my classroom. It gives students the chance to be hands on. Instead of boring worksheets, 3D images are popping out at them. It's exciting. Do it for your students. Do whatever it takes to create life-long learners. This is our job. This is our mission.
Adding a YouTube Video to an Image
Aurasma Studio
The following link will teach you how to create Auras using the Aurasma Studio

*save my prezi
*follow my
aurasma channel
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