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Product Development and Release Training

Training Version 2.0

Britt Stanton

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Product Development and Release Training

Ensuring client satisfaction
one check box at a time

Product Development & Release
June 2012

Training Version 2.0
Product Infrastructure
Sheryl Battis
PD&R Specialist
Sam Kepner
Jodee Welsh
Emily Clark
Britt Stanton
PD&R Specialist
Steve Olin
Market Management and Solutioning &
Product Infrastructure
Development & Release and Exceptions
Product Documentation
A consistent and rigorous methodology that ensures due diligence in bringing products from concept to market launch
Ensures compliance with ISO 9001 requirements
Why PD&R?
Ensures products fully meet CUSTOMER expectations
Ensures the right stakeholders
are participating
Ensures proper
accountability and documentation
When you begin creating a New Product offering
When you make a change or enhancement to an Existing product
When your project's Features and Benefits will be touted in client facing communications
When moving from proof of concept to broader scale
When terminating a product; sun-setting a product
When Do You Use PD&R?
When Can Products
be introduced to the
Market Place?
Products may be introduced to the market place ONLY when the initiative reaches the Pilot phase or beyond.

Products may not be included in RFPs or client communications until then. Reaching this milestone is referred to as “Proposal Ready”.
Kasie Plekkenpol
Product Infrastructure
What is PD&R?
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