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Mahaska /White cloud

No description

Luke Mionton

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Mahaska /White cloud

Naga production
White Cloud had portraits painted of him. He helped his tribe. He learned to farm like white men. He also helped some traders and traded with them. He traded wheat and other things like that.
In My Opinion
I think white Cloud is smart because he knew he should work with the U.S. He was also loyal because he stuck to his tribe and listened to the U.S.
I met the preident
Early life
White Cloud might have been born in 1784. He died in 1834 at age 50. He was in the Bear clan of the Iowans. White Cloud became the leader of the Iowans after his dad died and he proved himself in battle. He became chief after his father died by ambush.
White cloud
I met the
Public life
This is so cool
Cool things about White Cloud
White Cloud met the president. To be a White Cloud means to be a saver in a crisis. Mahaska/White Cloud is famous because of the pictures that were painted and how he and hi tribe helped in war. He was a very important chief.
In 1830 I met Teddy Roosevelt
White Cloud was proactive because he admitted to what he did. He admitted to accidentally killing a trader. He listened to advice. Also he was proactive because he was a good chief. White Cloud also took charge at a early age. White cloud is also a good syergizer because he worked with the U.S and his tribe.
More about Mahaska
Mahaska died of murder by his own kind in 1834. Mahaska lived through the civil war.
Thanks for watching!!!
Mahaska also did great things for his people like he was leading them in a time of crisis.
Mahaska = White Cloud
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