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Co-Ed Sports

No description

Mike Burek

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Co-Ed Sports

P R O S C O N S Increases Responsibility Decrease In Injuries Promotes Gender Equality Benefits Both Men and Women Physical Disadvantage for Females Different Equipment Between Sports Increased Frustration and Less Enjoyable Increase In Injuries - "[Co-ed athletes] behave more responsibly with or against the opposite sex. Most co-ed leagues are recreational and this obliges most players to be far less aggressive than if they were playing with players of the same sex"

- "Co-ed games bring up the best side of players from both sexes. There are less complaints, almost no trash talk and very few fights compared to men only games or women only games" -The average number of injuries during a single year of college football is 20,718 -"There are generally less injuries in co-ed games compared to same sex games, because stronger players usually slow down unconsciously or not when they face players of the opposite sex" - "Boys and girls who participate in sports together are less likely to form thoughts of gender inequality throughout childhood and adulthood" - "Co-ed leagues are...more representative of the society" Increases Female Confidence - "Boys and girls tend to play harder to prove strength and ability, and a girl who proves she can perform as well as boys will gain confidence in her ability"

-"While watching some of the football games this fall, a lot of the touchdowns scored have been by women; evidence that not only do they take the game seriously, but that they can do as much as men can on the field" - "Co-ed games cultivate more patience from men and help women to improve their skills and strength" - "...girls who are particularly gifted in athletic ability can build talents and physical capabilities by playing sports with strong male players" -Size: "The average lineman is 6'0" to 6'8" and weighs 290 to 350 lbs and all NFL linemen fall into this range"

-Strength: "The world's strongest women, who bench pressed 531 lbs, does not compare to the world's strongest man, who bench pressed 1,008 lbs"

-Quickness: Men have been proven to be faster than women
-Men's 100-meter dash: 9.58 seconds
-Women's 100-meter dash: 10.49 seconds Football Basketball -Average height in NBA: 6'6.98"
-Average height in WNBA: 5'11.84
-Difference in speed and strength Golf "With golfers like Tiger Woods hitting the ball 425 yards, you have to bring the strength factor back into the picture. Women are not as strong as men, which affects how far they can hit the ball. This is proven with Michelle Wie's longest hit of 316 yards" - WNBA: Diameter of ball is 28.5 inches - NBA: Diameter of ball is 29.5 inches Basketball Baseball - MLB: Circumference of ball is 9'-9 1/4" - Softball: Circumference of ball 11 7/8"-12 1/4" - A woman using a men's ball or a man using a women's ball may "affect the shooter's shot" -"Most men who are actually faster and stronger than women can be frustrated to slow down when they face women and end up not enjoying and expressing themselves fully" -"The fact that co-ed players try to be gentle to each other can affect the game in a negative way and some players might end up not enjoying the game as they would love to" -"Injuries that occur between weaker and stronger players of the opposite sex can be dangerous" -"As Baltimore's social sports leagues continue to grow, so do the number of injuries associated with them...doctors have seen a rise in the number of broken bones, torn ACLs and concussions" Should Sports Be Co-Ed? Discussion Questions - If you were playing football with a female on the opposing team, would your own game become affected? Explain. - If you were playing against a female in golf, would your own performance become affected? Why or why not? - Look at your answers for questions 1 and 2. If your answers differ from one another, why do you believe they are different? (What's the difference between football and golf?) Successful Co-ed Team - St. Joseph's College soccer team is succeeding as a varsity co-ed team in NCAA Division III athletics - The varsity team has 6 female players, 3 of which are starters - Freshman Shannon Rom was able to score the first goal in one of the teams' games - Frank Carbone, St. Joseph's athletic director explained, "That dynamic has helped them more than anything on this experience and everyone has really grown" Unsuccessful Co-Ed Team -The Baltimore Sports and Social Club (BSSC) is a co- league that has become increasingly popular over the years -Liz Wilkinson, a 29 year-old BSSC athlete, has dislocated her knee more than once and has also broken her wrist while playing co-ed kickball since 2007 -"From March 2011 until now, there have been 51 injuries, ranging from bruises needing ice to torn ACLs" Conclusion -With this controversial issue, neither the pros nor the cons prove more important -Both sides of this issue present valid arguments -Because of this, we believe a compromise should be made to address this issue -It should be determined whether or not sports should be co-ed based on the age of the athletes -Sports with athletes under the age of 10 should become co-ed
-These kids play sports for fun, not for the victory
-Less aggression/injuries
-These children have very similar physical strengths
-Less injuries
-At this age, it is important for kids to learn about gender equality -Sport with athletes older than 10 should not become co-ed
-These athletes will always be aggressive and will do anything to win
-At the high school, college, and professional levels, there is too much of a difference between men and women for the game to be considered safe
-The Baltimore Sports and Social Club is an example of how unsafe these co-ed leagues can be
"From March 2011 until now, there have been 51 injuries, ranging from bruises needing ice to torn ACLs" *In conclusion, any sport with athletes under 10 years old should become co-ed. Any sports with athletes above this age should remain divided between men and women Works Cited Case, Wesley. "Growing Co-ed Sports Leagues Mean More Injuries for Young Adults."
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