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MSU Ambassador

on 28 June 2017

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Transcript of ORIGINAL DO NOT DELETE/EDITAmbassador Training

Ambassador Training 9/1
Ambassador Rules and Regulations
All Ambassadors must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Visit Experience Coordinator. The Visit Experience Coordinator reserves the right to alter these rules and regulations as he sees fit.
All Ambassadors must check the board to see what needs to be done for the day as well as for new announcements about updated policies and changes within the office.
Ambassadors are NOT allowed to consume any bottled water from the lobby fridge or drinks from the hot beverage machine. Please do not consume any of these refreshments—they are for guests.
Ambassadors are not permitted to wear any apparel or paraphernalia with logos associated with other colleges or universities or anything offensive, obscene, or drug/alcohol-related while working for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
Cell phones are not to be used in the office. If there is a need to take or make a call, you should seek permission from the Visit Experience Coordinator and take/make the call in a private area.
Cell phones should be on you at all times while working, but they should be set to vibrate in the event that the Visit Experience Coordinator needs to contact you.
Food is to be eaten during your assigned lunch break or before/after your shift. You may eat in the office kitchen, NEVER in the lobby and NEVER during your shift.
Food is not permitted at the front desk. You may have a drink with you at the front desk in a capped bottle.
Name tags must be worn during all shifts, events, and tours.
All Ambassadors must inform the Visit Experience Coordinator ASAP when they are going to be unable to come in during their assigned shift. This includes being late and/or leaving early. Habitual lateness, leaving early, missing shifts, etc. WILL result in a breach of contract and termination.
Coats, bags, etc. must be put away in the Ambassador closets.
Doing homework during your shift is not permitted. This goes for Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well. There is ALWAYS something to do. If you cannot find something to do yourself, check the white board in the office. If you still cannot find something, ask an Executive Ambassador.
All Ambassadors must wear the approved uniform during ALL tours and events. You are not required to wear the uniform while you are in the office, but you MUST have it available.
Requirements and Expectations
First Semester Ambassadors
Minimum Time Commitment
5 hours a week for training/tours
Attend and work 2 Open Houses
Attend and work 3 Saturday tours
Attend and work 2 additional events
Complete each State of the Ambassador Address by the deadline
Complete all surveys by the deadline

Minimum GPA of 2.75
Students that are:
articulate, outgoing, and enthusiastic
resourceful and pro-active
willing to learn more about the university and its program
reliable and responsible
**Performance and ability will be determined by the Visit Experience Coordinator.**
Requirements and Expectations
Second Semester Ambassadors
Minimum Time Commitment
5 hours a week for training/tours
Attend and work Accepted Student Day
Attend and work 3 Saturday tours
Attend and work 2 additional events
Complete each State of the Ambassador Address by the deadline
Complete all surveys by the deadline

Must have successfully completed 1st Semester Ambassador Training
Minimum GPA of 2.75
Students that are:
articulate, outgoing, and enthusiastic
resourceful and pro-active
willing to learn more about the university and its program
reliable and responsible
**Performance and ability will be determined by the Visit Experience Coordinator.**
Requirements and Expectations
Benefits Include:
Resume building
Possible references
Social and professional networking possibilities
Customer service experience and skill building
Priority registration
Priority move-in date
Team-building skills
Opportunities to participate in on-campus events such as the Open Houses and Homecoming as well as off-campus events such as college fairs
Development of communication and leadership skills
Monetary compensation upon completion of designated program
Second Semester Ambassador:

$250 stipend
Proper Attire and Hygiene
You represent this University!
Over 70% of students report that the campus visit was the deciding factor when making their decision.
The impression you make on our guests is the impression they will have of MSU and our student body.
Nothing offensive, obscene, drug/alcohol-related
We do NOT want to see your underwear
We do NOT want to see your private parts
Comb/brush your hair
Shower regularly
No inappropriate markings on your body
Get sufficient sleep
Canvas, Facebook, Hawksync
Remember you are representing the University!
Jerseys and Jackets
Name Tags
The Schedule
If you could do some work at work
That would be great.
#1 RULE:
There's always something to do.
You MUST clean up after yourself at the workstations.
The first workstation should ALWAYS be occupied and messages should be checked as often as possible.
Check the workstations, whiteboard, and website for information before asking Fred or the Execs.
Office Priority
1. Answer Phones 2. Front Desk 3. Retrieve and Return Phone Messages 4. Mail 5. Emails 6. Enter Prospects 7. Fold and Stuff letters, file, label view books, make accept packets*
8. Other Duties as Assigned/Special Projects
Missing/Making Up Hours
Must be emailed to Executiveamb@mail.montclair.edu and okayed by Gianna so she can update GCal
Try to notify Gianna at least 3 weeks in advance please! (Tours are posted 4 weeks ahead)
Getting to work early does not mean you may leave early!
If you come into the office early, you do not get to sit around until your shift starts.
"Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."
Using the Phones
"Montclair State University, Undergraduate Admissions, this is ____________ speaking. How may I help you?"
Do not say: "I think," "I believe," "I'm not sure," etc.
Do not refer to anyone as "child" or "kid." They are students.
If you don't know the answer, let them know you will find it for them and put them on hold
If you can't find the answer, call the ROD first before transferring the call to the ROD or another counselor. Do your best to find the answer for them first before transferring
No decisions are to be given over the phone
Applicants must wait for decisions in the mail (they cannot come pick them up)
If they still insist, transfer them to the ROD
Returning Phone Messages
If the red light at the first workstation is lit, please check the messages and record them in the message book with your initials
Make sure you delete the messages after you record them!
When you have returned a message, tear off the top white page and shred it
If you don't have time to return the messages, make sure that you have recorded as much information as possible so that the next person may properly return the phone call
When calling someone back: "Hello, this is __________ from Montclair State University. Can I speak to ________?"
In the Lobby
Keep it CLEAN!
Greeting guests
Cleaning and stocking
Literature and refreshments
Use the "2 second" Rule!

Please make sure anyone coming into the lobby is acknowledged within 2 seconds when you are at the front desk!
If your shift is over, but you're mid project...
(Mail, stuffing packets, etc.)
If you have not completed it, please get someone to take over
Do not leave the project without at least informing someone that it needs to be finished
If it is the end of the work day, leave the project organized with a note so that someone can continue the next day without confusion
2 Mandatory Open Houses
October 9, 2016
November 13, 2016

Saturday Tours
You are required to work THREE Saturday Tours each semester.
8:45am–1:00pm (or when all tours are back)
Wear your Ambassador jersey/jacket or MSU apparel
Saturday tour changes go through GIANNA
Lateness (8:46) will be recorded!
You may be contacted if you are not selected for a desired tour date
Saturday Tour dates for Fall 2016:
Special Events
You are required to work TWO special events each semester!
Survey distributed via GMail and Facebook
Only fill out the survey if you would like to work the event
Returners - please work events earlier in the semester if available
Once notified of selection, it is YOUR responsibility to attend and work.
Event swaps and changes go through Julia
You can work extra Special Events as make-up hours
Tour Rooms
Rooms in Bohn Hall and The Heights
Two-hour time slots
$100 per roommate, per time slot for the entire semester
Survey links for Saturday Tours and Tour Rooms will be emailed to you
Survey Deadline is
School and Special Program Group Tours
Organized and scheduled by JULIA
If a group (10 or more students) is looking for a tour, direct them to the survey link on our website.
If the students are younger than 5th graders, we cannot offer them a tour.
If a group that has already scheduled a tour calls with questions, please record as much information you can. Give all the information for the group to Julia.
If the group has questions you cannot answer, take a message and leave it for Julia. Make sure you include AS MUCH information as possible and your FULL NAME.
Working School Group Tours
School group tours CAN count as special events
Julia will send out the emails and schedule Ambassadors for these tours.
If no one can work the tour during their shift, it may be put out as a Special Event.
If you agree to work a School Group Tour as a special event and later decide you aren't able to, it is YOUR responsibility to find another Ambassador to cover for you and okay it with Julia/Fred (same goes for special events through Julia as well as Saturday Tours).
Both parties MUST notify both Julia and Fred via email
You will have to fill out an evaluation form after the tour
State of the Ambassador Address
Informative emails
Updates, policy changes, upcoming events, etc.
Your MSU email ONLY!
New Ambassador Office Checklist
New Positions
Part-Time Workers
- Ian Carter

- Maria
Malini Som
Facilities Coordinator, Residential Education
Staff Changes
Mail Tiiiiiiiime
5 piles
High school transcripts with supporting docs attached
High school supporting only
College transcripts with supporting docs attached
College supporting only
Mail Continued
Transcripts on top!
Transcripts and supporting docs go in the bins in the back by Maria R.
If a check is received by itself, it goes directly to the appropriate processor's bin on their desk
If checks are received WITH other docs, they are NOT to be separated. The entire packet goes into the processor's bin on their desk
Waivers are NOT to be separated from other documents they arrive with and they can be processed the same as the checks/money (AKA, goes directly to the processor's bin on their desk)
See you in the office!
Staff Who Left
Serena Socha
Executive Ambassador, Business Manager
Gianna Zaino

Executive Ambassador: Office Manager
Danielle Pero
Executive Ambassador, Office Manager
Fred Stolarski
Visit Experience Coordinator
Julia Castronovo
Executive Ambassador, Special Events Coordinator
Dan Grant
Executive Ambassador, Administrative Assistant
Gianna Zaino
Executive Ambassador, Office Manager
Sony Rodriguez
Amy Meckler:
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Marketing & Outreach
Larry Lester:
Assistand Director of Transfer Review & Recruitment
Vacant Position
(Tova's old position): Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Review & Recruitment
Sony Rodriguez:
Assistant Director, Data Management & Analysis (when Tova's position is filled)
Eileen O'Reily:
Pre-Enrollment, Transfer Specialist (Interim)
Tyler Stakiwicz
Tova Tolman
Money/Fee Waivers
Admission Changes
No longer making viewbooks or accept packets
Two new work stations/ phones in the back office
DO NOT KNOCK ON THE DOOR. You will be given a key and therefore must use it and have it on you at all times during work shifts.
We like to have fun, too...
Corner of Chaos
End of the Semester PARTY
When the heck do we need a transfer's HS transcript??
do not
need a transcript if:
the student has an Associate's degree
the student will earn an Associate's degree before starting classes at MSU
the student has earned 60+ credits from a four-year institution prior to MSU
need a HS transcript if:
the student does not/will not have an Associate's degree
the student has less than 60 credits from another college or university
Remember: This requirement is not for decision purposes. It is only to ensure their financial aid will be disbursed.
Policy Regarding Ambassador Items
Nametags, Jerseys and Jackets may
be worn by Ambassadors
If one chooses to or is asked to leave the program, he/she must return their jersey, jacket, key, and nametag.
Each Ambassadors receives
of each item. If their jersey, jacket, key, or nametag is lost or ruined, the Ambassador is responsible for purchasing a new one.
If you do not have these items during your shift, you are not prepared for work, which may result in disciplinary action.
Executive Email
Please send any Ambassador related emails to executiveamb@mail.montclair.edu
Include a subject line with your concern and the name of the Executive you are contacting
What goes into an accept packet?
Freshman or Transfer packet
Immunization Forms
Decision letters
SIDE-loading envelope
DO NOT transfer to Jeff Indiveri-Gant
There is NOT a seperate applications
If the student has any further questions direct them to e-mail
What goes to Mary Murphy?

Checks that are not $65
AP Scores-Now go to Lisa Williams
Change of majors for accepted or deposited freshmen
Anything ADDRESSED to her
Miscellaneous mail that you don't know what to do with goes to

What goes to processors?
Decision letters that have been returned, with "wrong address" labels
Knocking on professional staff's door...... DON'T
You only need to fill out Special Event surveys
if you are willing and able to work the event
be available for the duration of the event
Sign up for any that you are available for! We take note of how many you sign up for
If an issue arises in the office, including but not limited to:
Someone not working
Someone doing something wrong
Personal Issues
Misrepresentation of MSU

Preferably, email him and then speak to him during your shift
anddddddd back to Fred!

The schedule starts September 7th at 8:30am :)
Amy Meckler-Gone
Lindsay McNamara- Digital Media Coordinator
Zachary Brower-Admissions Recruiter
Micale Dort- EOF Counselor/ Recruiter
Erin Samples- Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment and Outreach
Vacant- Admissions Counselor for Transfer/ College of the Arts
Bev will be retiring as of September 30th
A new posotion will be put into affect, the Customer Service Coordinator
Office Specialist
Slide 1
Office Specialist Priorities

1. Answer Phones
2. Front Desk
3. Retrieve and Return Phone Messages
4. Mail
5. Emails
6. Enter Prospects
7. Fold and Stuff letters, file, label view books, make accept packets*
8. Other Duties as Assigned/Special Project
Tour Specialist
Tour Specialist Priorities
Ambanador Priorities
1. Tours
2. Lobby Greeter
3. Clean/Stock lobby
4. E-mails
5. Fold/ Stuff Letters, File, Label Viewbooks, make accept packets
6. Mail
7. Answer Phones
8. Enter Prospects
9. Other duties as assigned/ Special Projects
1. Front Desk
2. Assigned Banner work
3. Answer phones
4. Mail
5. E-mails
6. Return Phone Messages
7. Enter Prospects
8. Other duties as assigned/ Special Projects
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