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Marzano - Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition

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Angela Tims

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Marzano - Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition

Breakfast Club
Reinforcing Effort enhances students' understanding of the relationship between effort and achievement by addressing their attitudes and beliefs about learning (and/or success)
Must TEACH students
Doesn't deal directly with enhancing or engaging the cognitive skills of students.
1. Reinforcing

Reinforcing Effort &
Providing Recognition

Marzano Strategy #
Students believe they don't have the necessary ability (or luck, or other people to help) to succeed so they can sabotage their own success
Deals with Attitudes & Beliefs
be intentional!
To what do people attribute success??

Other People
Affinity Diagram Activity
The research says...
"students who were taught about the relationship between
increased their achievement
than students who were taught techniques for comprehension of new material."
What does that Mean?
Powerful tool in student achievement
Teaching about Effort
Seek & Share Examples
Keeping Track of Effort
& Achievement
2. Providing

The Research Says...
What is recognition?
Rewards don't have a negative effect on intrinsic motivation if tied to performance goals
Rewards are most effective when contingent on the attainment of some standard or performance
Abstract symbolic recognition is more effective than tangible rewards
Personalizing Recognition
Pause, Prompt & Praise
Concrete Symbols of Recognition
remember to
tie directly to performance goals
so you don't diminish intrinsic motivation
Ex: Personal Best Honor Roll - all can reach regardless of achievement levels
The harder you try, the more successful you are!
Sign up by Friday,
November 9!
Faculty Meeting
w/ M. Manning
November 13
8:00 am
High School DLC
Begins Tues, Nov 27
Work Ethic
Lack of Effort
Value of Hard Work
must teach them the value of effort and how it relates to success!!
Personal experiences
Famous Athletes, Olympians, Politicians, etc
Student experiences
Praise, acknowledge, honor, reward, notice, salute...
stop students when having difficulty and discuss why
provide specific suggestions for improving performance
Acknowledge improvement when due to implemented suggestions
Lead Content Teacher Meeting
November 2012
doesn't deal with
may inhibit intrinsic motivation if given just for participating in a task
Example - praise is more effective than candy
Ex: 90-100 or 10 point Improvement
Simply by doing this... we can improve student achievement!
Practice, Practice
Be intentional!
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