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Julie Leigh Curriculum Vitae and Teaching Practice

Here is a new way to look at my cover letter and Curriculum Vitae. This is the kind of magic I want to bring to your school. Your students can create online presentations just like this.

Julie Leigh

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of Julie Leigh Curriculum Vitae and Teaching Practice

‘Ko te piko o te mahuri, tera te tupu o te rakau’.

‘The way the sapling is shaped determines how the tree grows’.
–Maori Whakatauki

Julie Leigh Curriculum Vitae and Teaching Practice
Curriculum Vitae - Julie Leigh
My beliefs and Teaching Philosophy
My Teaching Philosophy
I believe
To gain a better insight into what you are doing. And to see how you and you staff work successfully with the NZ curriculum to develop actively involved lifelong learners, ready to tackle the 21st century in a rapidly globalising world.
Teaching Practices
Professional Qualifications and Achievements
Personal statement
In the classroom
My Strengths
As a member of your staff
My Vision
I am an energetic teacher with an avid enthusiasm for literacy; I have an additional strength in capturing and extending lower achievers in numeracy.
I have a solid knowledge of current literacy and numeracy practice and assessment.
I strongly enforce pedagogical theories that guide children to gain ownership of their own learning.
I am passionate about incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and encouraging inquiry learning to engage and motivate all children.
I am a confident user of ICT in the classroom and see the integration of e-learning into all areas of the curriculum as key to enhancing student motivation.
You will gain a highly motivated individual.
I enjoy working within a committed team environment.
I can compliment your staff and school as I have high expectations of my students and myself.
My passion and willingness to continue learning promotes my dedication to ‘teaching as inquiry’.
I am reflective; I actively seek further development, guidance and help to ensure success for my students, myself and my school.
I am a critical and independent thinker, confident to share my knowledge, skills and ideas as an active member of the team,
I also enjoy taking the lead when the opportunity arises.
In literacy, maths, inquiry learning, ICT, art, outdoor education, my pronunciation, teaching and basic understanding of Te Reo Maori, my creativity and determination to facilitate a fun, supportive, motivating and intellectually exciting learning environment, coupled with my outward passion and enthusiasm for teaching; will make me an ideal person for the position you have advertised and a real asset to your school.
After leaving school I trained and worked as an outdoor instructor within seasonal jobs. I worked with many ethnicities and enjoyed the company of young and old alike. I was able to encourage and cajole; bringing out the best in the most awkward or nervous customers.Through my work in the outdoor education sector I realised my passion for teaching children. My ability to establish rapport with my students along with my earnest enthusiasm in their achievements, made it clear to my colleagues and me that I had the passion and personality attributes to be an outgoing and animated primary school teacher.
I am an enthusiastic teacher with a passion for literacy and strength in engaging and extending low achievers in numeracy. I strive to create intellectual excitement in all teaching and learning.

I have shown success in integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the classroom, including the use of Interactive Whiteboard’s (IWB’s) in teaching and learning.

I entered university as an adult student and then completed my entire degree as a distance learner. Completing my degree online enabled me to learn within an online community and experiment with many Web2 tools.

Through immersing myself in an optional, inquiry paper, I gained valuable insight into how inquiry learning can be applied to the classroom, what technological tools are available and appropriate, and how to facilitate inquiry based learning.
2010 – 2012University of Canterbury
•Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)
Full-time via distance (FLO- Flexible Learning Option)

I have been very dedicated to my studies on this pathway to becoming a primary teacher. I believe that the time I spent after leaving school exploring and experimenting with my options gave me a new sense of self and a strong drive to return to education with a more mature outlook, ready to make the most out of this opportunity. I am proud that I have had the determination and self management to achieve success throughout my training by distance whilst getting on with life’s pleasures. I have proved that I am committed to this profession and that I am able to handle a full workload along with a balanced home life.
•Invited to join Golden Key International Honour Society: Recognition for outstanding academic achievement at the University of Canterbury. I was recognised in the top 15% of my studies.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin
Building Blocks to effective teaching and learning
As a teacher I will:
A career in education is about developing the capacity to adapt and thrive in the learning environment you find yourself in. I would jump at the opportunity to be a part of the exciting things happening at your school. My contribution within your collegial community and my enthusiasm in all aspects of teaching and learning would contribute to the depth of your professional team.
I look forward to visiting your school.
Is to build a supportive classroom environment and learning community where all students are engaged, confident and capable of taking risks, allowing them to feel successful, and accelerate learning to achieve their potential.
2006 New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance
•Certificate - Ski Level 1
•Certificate - Ski Level 2
I was employed as a ski instructor in both New Zealand and Canada. I worked mainly with children as my supervisors found I had special qualities enabling me to establish connections which developed trust and promoted learning. I was often praised for my patience and care for all children in my classes.
2002-2004Whangarei Girls High School
•NCEA Level 2 2004
Subjects: English, Art, Outdoor Education, Biology, Tourism, Maths
•NCEA Level 1 2003
2001Mangakahia Area School
•Awarded - First in Third Form
2005 Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre
•Certificate in Assistant Leadership in Outdoor Education:
I successfully completed a 34 week programme achieving the National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (level 4) and the Skills Active Risk Management Award. Through this programme I was able to gain skills and experience in rock climbing, kayaking, mountaineering and bush craft as well as foundation outdoor skills in navigation, risk management, weather interpretation, leadership and facilitation. This course served as a building block for a career in the education sector for me.
Oromahoe School
July – August 2012
Year 0-2, 13 students, 5 weeks
15 full management days
Associates: Chris Foster/Sarah Jayne Fenton
•Integrated Unit (Whanau Help us Shine)-Maori, Health, and English.
•Mathematics-Measurement (time) -whole class teaching using IWB and needs based group sessions.
•Reading-Whole class shared reading and ability group rotations.
•Oral language-Whole class sharing with focus on social courtesies, working with English, Maori and NZ Sign Language.
•Writing-Phonics (using Jolly Phonics and IWB), recount writing working on individual learning goals with children.
•Handwriting, Spelling.
•Movement Learning, Fitness.
•Dance-Folk dancing.
Strengths: This placement allowed me to demonstrate initiative, flexibility and my ability to plan, organise, and meet deadlines in a variety of learning areas. I was able to extend my experience and specific interest of current numeracy and literacy practice, exploring the importance of creating meaningful hands on activities to engage and ignite the learner’s enthusiasm.
“Teacher inquiry effective and evident in designing teaching programmes to meet changing learning needs. Her assessment is applied to her teaching plans for class and group needs across the curriculum and specifically numeracy and literacy.” Chris Foster (Associate Teacher)
“Uses ICT innovatively to create high motivation (and) engagement. “(Julie) discusses big picture (ideas) and uses opportunities to elicit deeper thinking and reasoning.” Chris Foster (Associate Teacher)
“Julie has fully engaged in, and contributed positively to professional relationships with akonga, teaching and other colleagues, and the wider whanau, helping to maintain a physically, socially, culturally, and emotionally safe learning environment across the School.” Annie McGlone (Principal)
Riverview Primary
•Integrated Unit (Tivaevae quilt making): Visual Art, Technology, and Written Language.
•Mathematics-Statistics unit, whole class teaching and needs based group sessions.
•Reading-Teacher reading ‘Frindle’, Guided Silent Reading Group work and follow up activities linked to Bloom’s thinking stages.
•Written Language- Creative writing for an audience, whole class-Cameos.
•Physical Education-Swimming.
•Health-Team roles.
March – April 2012
Year 6, 24 students, 5weeks
9 full management days
Associate: Debbie Hedley
Strengths: I achieved success through cementing strong relationships with learners and colleagues very early which allowed me to gain respect from the students and support for my own and classroom teaching and learning from my colleagues. Forming and maintaining these relationships involved professionalism, honesty, care and diplomacy. These productive relationships support my own ongoing personal and professional development, and help me to be a critical thinker.
“Sound behaviour management using a range of techniques. (Julie is) firm/fair/consistent”. Debbie Hedley (Associate Teacher)

“(Julie is) a well planned student who has an in depth knowledge of how learning builds for students and plans accordingly”. Debbie Hedley (Associate Teacher)
Kawakawa Primary
September – October 2011
Year 3, 18 students, 5 weeks
9 full management days- 6 required
Associate: Jess Baker
• Maths-Group rotations with differing focuses.
• Reading-Whole class shared reading and Group rotations with differing focuses.
• Written Language-Explanation Writing.
• Fitness-Jump Jam.
• Social Sciences-Rugby World Cup (Belonging).
• Physical Education-Small Balls Unit.
• Handwriting, Spelling-Spelling rules.
• Art-Bread Mobiles (recycling old food).
Strengths: I have high expectations of myself and students and love to see them meet the standard set. My planning is in depth, which allows flexibility whilst maintaining highest standards. My classroom programmes are organised and relevant.
“Uses a wide range of resources. Has used a range of teaching approaches in her lessons to ensure all learning styles are catered for. All planning is related to the New Zealand Curriculum. She selected appropriate AO’s and taught lessons around these.” Jess Baker (Associate Teacher)
“Julie very quickly immersed herself into the culture of our school. She participated in all aspects of School life even when it involved extra curricula activities” Peter Witana (Principal)
Paihia Primary
•Maths-Group rotations with differing focuses.
•Reading-Whole class shared reading and Group rotations with differing focuses.
•Written Language-Recount, retelling.
•Te Reo Maori-Classroom objects.
•Inquiry-Simple machines.

Strengths: I am attentive to personal ability, areas of interest, learning styles and needs. I used this knowledge to differentiate learning; ensuring children were successful at their level. I used my initiative to create a learning environment that stimulated children’s thinking and provided contexts that were innovative and safely challenging.
May – June 2011
Year 2, 26 students, 5 weeks
5 days full management
Associate: Doris Davies
“Julie quickly built a good rapport with the children in the class. She has valued the individuality of the children and has interacted with them in a positive and supportive manner” Doris Davies (Associate Teacher)
“She has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, is conscientious, well prepared, confident and well respected already by her associate and colleagues”. David (Principal)
Kuratau School
October – November 2010
Year 6-8, 18 students, 4 weeks
3 full management mornings
Associate: Shar Joyce/Craig McGregor (Principal)
•Managing Morning routine-Oral language, Written language, Spelling.
•Art-Stylised Painting.
•Poetic Writing-series of lessons.

Strengths: The positive relationships I formed allowed me to engage and support students successfully. I was found to be committed to working as a team member and thoroughly enjoy the collaboration involved in successful team work.
This placement ignited my passion for teaching and learning. I recognised the value of positive relationships within the classroom with students, colleagues and whanau and strived to develop this within subsequent placements.
“Julie listens attentively to critique, with a passion – as she wants to improve her teaching. She sets challenges for herself with the critique given and works on them. She is honest with her reflections on her teaching”. Shar Joyce (Associate Teacher)

“Julie is enthusiastic in the process of teaching and in her own learning” Craig McGregor (Principal)
I have planned extensively, prepared, taught and evaluated across all curriculum areas. I have proved I am able to provide authentic, relevant, purposeful learning experiences that cater to all individuals within my class.
Employment History
Explore New Zealand 2011-12 Summer Season (University Holidays) Communication with Skipper, rope work, customer service and bar work.

Explore Images 2010-11 Summer Season (University Holidays)
Taking pictures of customers and wildlife onboard a tourism boat cruise. Creating and selling photo packages on board.

Office Administrator, Bus Driver, Photographer, Mountain Bike Guide, Kayak Guide
Tongariro River Rafting 2009-2010 Summer
Customer Service Skills, marketing, risk management. Heavy Vehicle Licence, Passenger Licence. Working with general public as well as high school groups.

Snowschool Administration Supervisor
Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (Whakapapa) 2008 and 2009 winter seasons
Payroll officer. Training and management of staff. Booking lessons, handling money, organising programmes and events, record keeping, and customer, staff and inter-department communications through email, phone and face to face meetings.

Ski Instructor
Apex Mountain Resort (Canada) 2008-09 Canadian Winter
Teaching children skiing progressions from beginner to advanced parallel turns. Individual and group lessons. Children’s weekend programmes.
Ski Instructor
Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (Whakapapa) 2006 and 2007 winter seasons
Teaching adults and children skiing progressions from beginner to advanced parallel turns. Individual and group lessons. Children’s weekend programmes.

Mustard Seed Cafe (Turangi) 2007-08 Summer
Cooking cafe meals, baking.

Lift Operator (part time)
Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (Whakapapa) 2005 winter season
Customer service, safe operation of lift- Loading, unloading, set up, shut down. Ticket Checking, snow shovelling.

Levin Waiopehu Tramping Club 2005 and 2006 winter season
- Ski Club on Whakapapa Ski Field
Stock take and ordering of bulk food stores. Organising guests to partake in shared jobs of cooking and cleaning, direct guests of safety procedures in any emergency.

Canoe Guide
Yeti Tours (Wanganui River)2006-07 and 2005-06 summer seasons
Sharing local history and knowledge. Catering. Training and Safety of Clients on the water. Clients ranging from small groups of general public on my own to large school groups with multiple guides
Almost anything in the outdoors!
Skiing and snow sports.
Sailing, fishing, rafting, kayaking and most water sports.
Downhill mountain biking.
I also treasure time spent camping, and at the beach.
I immersed myself in Hockey throughout my school years, and would love to take it up again at some stage. I swam competitively during primary school. I also enjoy playing most other sports for fun.
I love reading, and will devour books when I allow myself time away from university commitments.
I have an ignited interest and commitment of continuing to learn through and about technology and ICT.
I savour time spent in the kitchen with friends and family, cooking, having fun and enjoying good company.
I am passionate about teaching, learning and education.
Create clear and open lines of communication between myself, the learner, and their whanau to foster positive home-school relationships which support the child’s learning.
Acknowledge individuality, diversity, and the positive influence students bring to the classroom. Recognise, support and utilise learner difference and the resources that diverse families, affiliations, and heritages can bring to learning and to the school-wide environment.
Celebrate learner diversity
Making connections to prior learning and experiences will foster motivation and self-efficacy in learning. I will use experiential learning and deliberately build on student’s experiences and knowledge. Opportunities for authentic learning will be maximised in a fun and stimulating learning environment.
Use current pedagogical practice
To provide both students and teachers with information which can be used to improve performance. By sharing achievement targets, exemplary examples, opportunities for self assessment and constructive feedback, students understand what success looks like and can work toward transparent achievement targets.
Use Assessment for Learning
By stimulating dialogue and co-operative activities, the class will perform as a learning community where learning conversations and learning partnerships are encouraged between students, teacher, whanau and the wider community.
Facilitate shared learning opportunities
To encourage responsible risk taking and resilience. By advocating high expectations of behaviour and an effort-focused learning culture, students will develop a deeper sense of confidence and self-esteem.
Use positive reinforcement
By fostering positive relationships within a cohesive, inclusive and caring environment the learning atmosphere will foster trust and respect for students, colleagues and parents.
Promote a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment
Because I believe...
‘Ko te piko o te mahuri, tera te tupu o te rakau’
-The way the sapling is shaped determines how the tree grows.
-I want to join your school and be instrumental in the growth of your students
I have effective communication skills allowing me to quickly and effectively establish relationships with colleagues, whanau and students.

I take advantage of accessing a range of online resources to use alongside the revised New Zealand Curriculum, producing a well structured classroom programme including authentic learning experiences and appropriate assessment practices for pupil development.

I have sound classroom/behaviour management skills, as I consider the effect of children’s developmental characteristics and personal contextual factors. My classroom manner is based on positive reinforcement, establishing good routines and fair consequences.

I have strength in management and learning outside of the classroom confines from my outdoor education background. I also hold strength in visual art, which I enjoy as a personal hobby and excelled in throughout High School.

I have the ability to be reflective and I actively seek guidance to ensure success.
I have a passion and willingness to continue learning.
That's me!
See hard copy for contact details.

Jess Baker – Head of Middle Syndicate, Kawakawa Primary School.

Doris Davies – Class Teacher, Paihia Primary

Chris Foster – Class Teacher, Oromahoe School
(final placement)
“Julie is a mature, warm and professional person with many outstanding qualities.” – Vicki Cowley, Professional Practice Lecturer, University of Canterbury
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