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Simple Past Tense

No description

Marc Palado

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense
Simple Past Tense
Add -d or -ed at the end of the word.
Irregular Verbs
1. for verbs ending in -y change y to i then add -ed.
cry - cried
fry - fried
What are the beautiful things that the past give us?
The simple past form of the verb is used to express an action that occured at a definite time in the past.
Rose Anne

walk - walked
fill - filled
smile - smiled
tie - tied
2. Some verbs do not change their spelling when transformed in their past form.
beat bet burst cost
cut hit hurt let
put set
3. Some verbs change one or some of the vowels.
arise - arose become - became
begin - begun break - broke
fly - flew weave - wove
4. Some change the ending of the word
bend - bent bring - brought
think - thought spend - spent
teach - taught seek - sought
5. some verbs have two past forms
dream - dreamed; dreamt
fit - fit; fitted
kneel - knelt; kneeled
wake - woke; waked
burn - bunrned; burnt
learn - learned; learnt
smell - smelled; smelt
spoil - spoiled; spoilt
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