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Advantages of Hunting and Gathering

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Tiffany Fang

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Advantages of Hunting and Gathering

Steps to a better life: Hunting and Gathering for All
Disadvantages of Farming
In addition to the advantages of hunter-gatherer life there are a few disadvantages to being a farmer. Convinced now?
Farming is supposedly the revolution that changed lives of early humans. However, farming brings many inevitable disadvantages. Hunting-gathering, on the other hand, is deprived of these tensions. It is a simple and peaceful lifestyle.
Relevant Pictures
Here are a few relevant photos or drawings illustrating the ad, hunting and gathering is the best lifestyle for humans.
In conclusion, hunting and gathering is the ideal way to live. Hunter-gatherers are not materialistic, women have a high status, and they don't have to work on interminable tasks with no time to enjoy life. Farming required slavery and child labor, people had conflicts over possessions and control, and farmers overpopulated their communities which led to more conflicts. Farmers, get your spears ready!
Advantages of Hunting and Gathering
There are many advantages to being a hunter-gatherer. Here are three that will convince most agricultural villagers to take on hunting and gathering.
Hunter-gatherers are not materialistic.
There is a benefit to being not materialistic. The urgent greed for more isn't present, and arguments could be resolved in a casual way. Differences and conflicts among people are limited.
Women had a higher status.
Women contribute to about 70% of the hunter-gatherer tribe's food supply. Women are honored in the tribe as one of the most important people there.
Hunter-Gatherers lived a more simple life.
A hunter-gatherer was nomadic, so their lives are simple. The main job a hunter-gatherer has is to hunt animals for the rest of the tribe. There was little need to maintain herds/crops and perform endless tasks.
Farming had to involve slavery and child labor.
In farming, many people are needed to plant seeds and even more workers are needed in autumn during the harvest season. This results in putting not only servants and slaves, but even children, to work. Life can be cruel for a lot of people.
Farmers overpopulated their communities.
There is no limit to the amount of children a woman can have in a farming village. Farms always need labor. Children took up a huge proportion of a farming village and therefore, landowners put children to work planting and harvesting crops. Overpopulated villages require more work and create more issues.
There were more conflicts among people.
In a farming society not everyone could be equally successful in their pursuit for material possessions. A person will usually become jealous of another person's possessions- workers or fertile land. This resulted in more conflicts and different classes, and some became slaves to others.
This photo shows a woman sorting the berries she had gathered. This shows that women contributed more in hunter-gatherer food supply and hence, enjoyed a higher status. Communities are manageable and respectful.
Farming takes a lot of work. Here shows a drawing of how much work is put forth to gain productive crops. The jobs of planting, harvesting, and maintaining animals is demanding for farmers. Life is full of hard work and endless conflicts.
Backbreaking Farming Work
Respectful & Fair Society
Here shows two people working together to bring down prey. Hunter-gatherers live rather peaceful lives, helping each other to supply the tribe with enough food. Life is simple and fair.
Avid Co-Workers
Brought to you by...
Tiffany J. Fang
and the Gallo Hunter-Gatherer Foundation
Steps to a better life
Start hunting and gathering today
What's This? Let's find out!
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