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Prezi + iPad

No description

André Maliepaard

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Prezi + iPad

Prezi iPad iPad Prezi for for Prezi you like this 'as a
iLove the way
it supports
my ministry. only makes it -youthpastor Prezi iPad stronger' for 'iLoved your speach,
but tell me about your -youngster prezi iLove to
use new
to reach a
brings teaching
youth to a
new level.
With integrated
features like for prezi iPad iLove this and
know ' makes

only one
away iPad Prezi Prezi for iPad brings content on a
interactive and nonlineair way to my teens iPad makes Prezi an total new
experience ....euhm....of
presentation iPad brings your Prezi anywhere + iPad = ?! new features co-
creative connected Prezi 's Prezi apps
integrated iPad create your own mix with iTunes socialize
your Prezi example find your own color
share you own mind
create your own style created by @Malii_p 2011 blue apple logo: findicons.com
prezi logi hd: blog.discoveryeducation.com
prezi bubble menu: prezi.com
picture myself: private made by AW
youtube logo hd: videovolt.blogspot.com
youtube video short: ultrarecords
picture myself: private made bij HR
non lineair wallpaper: stock
facebook like button: illustration on watblog.com
iPad 1: ipadinfo.nl
appstore logo hd: telefoonkopen.nl
prezi app logo: freemac.nl
finger touches iPad: letsgodigital.org
headphone big fun: stock
astranaut with Ipad: wallpaperstock.net
iPad reading in park: treehugger.com
children with iPad: ipadshouse.com
Steve Jobs: tipb.com
iPad 2: urban.blogo.nl
iPad 3: prezi.com
prezi icon with hand hd: blog.discoveryeducation.com
red apple logo: manywallpapers.com
cloud social media logo: frankwatching.com
kameleon on iPad: splendidwallpaper.com
iPad behind kameleon:soundwear.nl
picture myself: private source & credits used images
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