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Assessment of Motor and Process Skills

No description

Hayley Goodwin

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Assessment of Motor and Process Skills

What is AMPS?
Observational assessment, used to evaluate people in the context of familiar and relevant tasks.

The AMPS is used to measure the quality of task performance.

The AMPS is a standardized assessment that can be used with clients aged three or older, with any diagnosis or disability.
Assessment of Motor and Process Skills
Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)

What is the assessment?

How it is unique to Occupational Therapy?

Why is an important assessment in Learning Disabilities

Understanding the graphic report.

Why is the AMPS an important assessment in Learning Disabilities?
Dementia and People with Learning Disabilities:

Understanding the Graphic Report
How is unique to Occupational Therapy
Essential task
Specific criteria

110 Tasks are standardized, yet, each task is flexible enough to allow a the client some choice and variety
Performance Skills
ADL Motor skills
Interacting with and moving task objects

Moving oneself around the task environment
ADL Process Skills
Selecting, interacting with, and using task tools and materials

Carrying out individual task actions and steps

Modifying task performance when problems are encountered
It is specifically recommended that AMPS is considered for a person with a learning disability newly diagnosed with dementia
Eligibility Assessments
Community learning disability teams use the AMPS with other standard assessment
Promotes Recovery
Even the subtle of changes can demonstrate an improvement in a client's performance skills. This can reduce care require and increase confidence - aiding recovery and overall discharge.
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