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MyCarTracks - GPS Tracker

Startupawards presentation

Peter K

on 14 November 2011

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Transcript of MyCarTracks - GPS Tracker

4+ years Java EE Developer
10+ years Web/PHP Developer
60+ websites created
5+ years Java EE Developer
5+ years Linux System Administration
20+ apps in Android Market
need to reduce or eliminate costs
need for increased service organization productivity and efficiency
A GPS fleet tracking solutions
control drivers, when they started, where they are or have been and how long they've been standing
receive real-time alerts when drivers operate the vehicle unsafely, such as when speeding, or when business rules are violated
identify behaviors that cost the company money
Existing tracking solutions
need to be installed to your vehicle
require high entrance/maintenance costs
hard to assign track to employee
Why use this solutions when there is an easier way?
Be smart! Just use your smartphone and our service.
Android GPS tracker application
automatic tracking by exceeding a certain
speed and time
password protected automatic tracking
cars shared between employees
online/offline tracking
Web service
live cars monitoring in fleet
live statistics and graphs
reports, tools and exports
Present and future? Android tablets in cars (Saab IQon, Harman International) *
Saab shows off Android-based IQon in-car infotainment system, 2011, http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/01/saab-shows-off-android-based-iqon-in-car-infotainment-system/
Harman to bring Android integration to cars... finally, 2011, http://www.autoblog.com/2011/07/15/harman-to-bring-android-integration-to-cars-finally/
GPS tracker
Web service
Android app
Apple iOS app (spring 2012)
Cloud based Web solution using modern technology*
Google Maps, Google Open ID
Mobile version + HTML5 (near future)
Apache Tomcat 7, MySQL 5, Spring framework, Hibernate, Apache Maven, Apache FOP, JUnit
Ideal for individuals and small to medium companies that have couple of vehicles shared among employees
Forecast 23Bn Euros in 2009 to 91Bn Euros in 2015 based on market research report by RNCOS*
Blogging and targeting using social media, advertisement (hire company for advertising)
Fleet Management Services Power GPS Market Growth, 2011, http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/12269/gps_vehicle_tracking/fleet_management_services_power_gps_market_growth.html
Freemium model for limited features
2 variants of payment options (4.99 or 9.99€ /month package)
500k + users in 2 years (forecast)
20% paying customers with average 10 users/account (forecast)
Companies offering hardware and software to track vehicles
Simple tracking service compared to a robust systems with redundant functionality
Barriers to prevent others from copying our idea
first mover advantage
unique features and algorithms
unique skills
great team
legal protection (copyright or patent)
Increasing traffic without any advertising
Only after 2 months online
7500+ Android app installs
3000+ total active Android app installs
4700+ Web application users
more than 120k miles/ 200k km already tracked
38% users from United States
valuable feedback from our target customers
customers requirements implementation
500k+ users in 2 years
Web server in North America (Amazon EC2, Google App Engine) in 1 year
iOS version until 6 months
Thank you for your attention
follow us:
become a fan:
Peter Kopcansky, 28 years old
Peter Klobusnik, 26 years old
Smartphone ownership has reached 43% of all U.S. mobile subscribers in Q3, 2011*
Generation App: 62% of Mobile Users 25-34 own Smartphones , 2011, http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/?p=29786
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