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All About Me

No description

Brianna Melius

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
Do you love cats or dogs? I love both. I love all animals actually. If you asked me to choose between getting a cat or dog, I could not. I love and respect all of God's perfect creatures. They are great and majestic creatures that are loyal to us no matter what! They don't judge us. They can give us comfort in times of despair. I rescued a 3 month old black kitten from off the streets. (Her picture will come later)

Someone left her on the street to die! And yet, she is still willing to give a human her love! I mean, its just . . . How do you not love an animal?
I also know ALOT about the universe. This picture here, is something called a quasar. A Quasar lets off the hottest, brightest beams of light in the universe!

This is a real picture of a real Quasar! I got this picture from NASA.
Some of my hobbies are:
Studying animal behavior
Training my cats with the right state of mind and the right energy.
My Hobbies
All about me
My Favorites
My Favorite food is: Ramen Noodles
My Favorite song is: Walk Tall Your a Daughter Of God
My Favorite book is: Warrior Cats
My Favorite Subject is: Science
My Favorite Teacher is: Every teacher I have had at KMS (I love you all!)
My Favorite Thing to Do Outside Of School: To train my cat to do tricks that you wouldn't normally think of teaching a cat.
My Artwork O.O
My Pets:
This was my first cat after moving to Ohio. This is Mittens. He was the most talented cat ever. He showed over and over again that he understood me. An example is: When my second cat, Cuzanna, disappeared outside, I told Mittens that it was extremely important that we find her, and I told him "Please, bring her home." Sure enough, 3 days later, Mittens was meowing at our doorstep with Cuzanna sitting next to him. It was the sweetest experience. He is also an amazing cat, because he was an outdoor cat, so he went out during the day, and came back when we called him at night. I often went out with him, and we would walk in my backyard together. Also, one morning I decided to go outside with him just before dawn. He climbed up one of the trees in my backyard, and I leaped up after him. He sat on a branch, and he allowed me to sit next to him. Together, we gazed out at the beautiful yard, breathing in the crisp morning air.
Unfortunetly, just after it snowed, when we let him out, he never returned. And, that was almost 7 months ago. He will always have a special place in my heart . . .
My Second Cat: Cuzanna
This is the cat Mittens rescued from perpetual danger. She is an extremely rare breed. She is a Snowshoe/ Siamese mix. Meaning, she has the markings and the blue eyes of a Snowshoe, but she is very "talkative" like the Siamese. We rescued her as a 4 month old kitten. This is what she looks like:

My 3rd Cat: Grace
This is Grace. She is a little 5 month old kitty. We rescued her off the streets. She was the one that was left to die! So, we rescued her, and she is doing awesome. She is a very smart little cat. She has already taught herself how to open my closet door, which I put her in at night. So, I decided to teach her some . . unusual tricks. I have taught her to close one eye, to wink at me. I have taught her to stand on her hind legs when I say "Up!" I have also taught her to jump up into my lap whenever I pat my leg. She is a little darling, and I will never let go of this little sweetheart!
My 4th Cat: Nevada
This big sweetheart is up for adoption. He would do best as the only king of the house. We are not sure if he is good with dogs. He loves cuddles, has a thick coat for the cold climate, and will follow you around the house if you let him. If you call him, he will come over and rub his chin against you. He loves tummy rubs and is very fond of treats. We are not able to keep him because he keeps attacking our other cats. He is the perfect family pet! I will neuter him for you if you are willing to bring this big guy to a forever home. The adoption fee is $5.00, or best offer, neutering included. Let me know if you would be interested in giving this big softy a loving, forever home!
This is one of the pictures I drew. Don't ask where I came up with the idea of winged wolves, I just thought it was cool.
This music is from
Bolt The Movie
I have a life- threatening heart condition called Tricuspid Atresia. This means that my tricuspid valve did not develope normally. Here is a Diagram of what My heart looks like:
Some Crazy Facts About Me
Special Facts About My Heart
Here is My 2nd Favorite Piece Of Music With No Singing:
This Is One of the 2 Short Piece of Music I love That Has Absolutely No Singing In It.

This Is: Minute To Win It Countdown Music
I have had 3 open heart surgeries and last year I had a stent put in. A stent is like a metal tube. This was put in because one of my good veins had narrowed almost 90%! So, they basically inflated it with the stent, and I have never been better!
My doctor has told me, I have no limitations anymore! That is extremely exciting for me!
Anyway, another crazy fact about me, is only half of my heart is functioning! But, miraculously, I am not any less normal that you guys!
I have figured out that my heart is stronger than a normal human heart, so that is why only half of my heart is able to function with no problem . . . .

This is me! I am Brianna. Today I am going to tell you a little about myself . . .
Here is The Official Warrior Cats Trailer:
Thanks For Watching!!!
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