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medal of honor recipients

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lib hist

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of medal of honor recipients

Medal of Honor Recipients
Dakota Meyer was in the Iraq and Afghanistan war and over heard a Taliban ambush occurring a mile away on his radio. Meyer risked his life and drove toward the sight of ambush. The Taliban fighters bombed the area and unleashed a giant fire storm, the ferocious fire was extremely dangerous and was seriously wounding and killing tons of american soldiers. Meyer headed into the fire 5 times, each time jumping out to save men. In the end Meyer injured his arm and saved 36 people from the burning blaze.
William hawking waged one of the most furious one man army assaults on enemy positions in the history of modern warfare. During a day and a half, he personally cleaned out 6 japanese machine
gun nests. Hawking
was wounded a
second time but
refused to retire.
Hawking destroyed 7
pillboxes and one
blockhouse by himself.
William Hawkings was born in Fort, Kansas on April 18th 1914.
Francis Currey overran tank destroyers and antitank guns. he observed 3 germans, he killed or wounded all 3. Currey as covered by friendly fire, but he stood direct and fired erect and fired a shot in which knocked down one half of a wall.
Sammy Davis participated in the Vietnam war and exemplified honor and sacrifice through providing a covering fire for his gun crew and for firing 1,000 rounds until the enemy fired a rocket propelled grenade, inflicting a back and head injury he got back up and continued to fight until he heard screaming from across the river, from 3 wounded soldiers. Ignoring warnings to take cover and unable to swim, with Davis's quick thinking he found a mattress and used it to reach the soldiers and rescue them.
medal of honor recipients
Francis Currey and Sammy Davis were both in the us army. Dakota Meyer and William Hawking were both in the marines. Francis Currey and William hawking were both in world war 2. Sammy Davis, Dakota Meyer, and William hawking were all injured during war but persevered and continued to fight. They all showed sacrifice and honor by bravely serving their country and by fighting for our freedom.
FUN FACT!!!!!!
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