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Group Dynamics

The Student Association

John DiPasquale

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics PSYC 119 Julie Bindleglass
John Di Pasquale
Ricky Ouriel
Michelle Shenfeld
Pallavi Ivaturi
The Student Association Also a guide for future SA President, Jason Lifton. Resource Issues Personality Traits of Cabinet Members Patient
Organized Outgoing
Hard Working
FlexibleProfessional VP Positions Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President for Community Affairs
Vice President for Judicial and Legislative Affairs
Vice President for Public Affairs
Vice President for Financial Affairs
Vice President for Undergraduate Student Policy
Vice President for Graduate Student Policy
Vice President for Student Activities Director Positions Director of Pride and Community Building Initiatives
Director of Diversity Affairs
Director of Greek Affairs
Director of Multi-Religious Affairs
Director of Student Judicial Advisors
SA Appointment to the Marvin Center Governing Board Groups Represented In the Cabinet (Diversity and its Importance) Freshman Sophmores Juniors Seniors Male Female Grad Undergrad Skills General Skills Position Specific Strong interpersonal skills
knowledge of campus and community
willingness to learn
written skills
communication skills
teamwork financial skills
press release writing
poster making
problem- solving
leadership Task Issues Executive Cabinet Positions President Chief of Staff Deputy Chief of Staff VP Positions Director Positions Handle the needs of the student body Interdependence “Overall it has been a mix. In the beginning of the year we definitely were more focused on quantity but as the year progressed we narrowed it down and really started to focus on the larger more quality issues.” Introduction development and transition of norms group heirarchy Group Cohesion importance of group cohesion implications on productivity social loafing concerns the importance of influencing other members Group Formation and Selection selection process group socialization Group Structure roles Influencing Other Members techniques Decision Making Within the Executive Branch ulitimately serve the student body Specialized Cabinet positions President Student Body Leadership Conclusion Process Issues new member training procedures delegating decisions Vroom's Normative Model of Decision Making Decide Consult (Individual) Consult (Group) Romance of Leadership Leadership Processes reciprocal
goal seeking process. Executive Branch Manages Conflict Old New Group Meetings Individual Meetings Shared Information Bias Group Polarization Groupthink Cognitive Limitations = Independence & Cooperation Deutsch 1949 Communication flag your problem Enviornment Affects Process Ambiance Sociopetal Head-of-the-table Effect Communication Synomorphy Group Territories Pooled Sequential Reciprocal The Executive Cabinet is an example of Reciprocal, Unequal Interdependence Divisible Unitary Quantity vs Quality Can the task be broken down into subtasks? Is quantity produced more important than quality of performance? Maximizing Optimizing Additive Disjunctive Component “Overall it has been a mix. In the beginning of the year we definitely were more focused on quantity but as the year progressed we narrowed it down and really started to focus on the larger more quality issues.” Conjunctive Discretionary The group decides how individual inputs relate to group product How are individual inputs combined to yield a group product? Interdependence Individual inputs are added together Group Result Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Compensatory A decision is made by averaging together individual decisions ex: voting The group selects one solution or product from a pool of members' solutions or products All members must contribute to the product for it to be completed however, interdependence can vary within groups based on need Steiner's Taxonomy Groups prosper when guided by good leaders.
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