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Simran Gill

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Math

Mean and Median!
A Few Videos
Primary and Secondary Data!
Primary data:
Primary data is data observed or collected directly from a first hand experience. Primary data is used for things like data management, research, marketing, articles and studies. Ways of getting primary data is by surveys, interviews, observations,analysis and experiments. For data management primary data would be used for questions like what do students do to pass time. It is more reasonable since its easy to survey a class and its a more reliable source.
Data Management
Stem and Leaf Plot
Stem and leaf
Secondary data:

Secondary data is published data like from books and the internet. Secondary data can be used for the same things primary data is used for. It can also be used for projects. Ways of getting secondary data is from the internet, books, journals, magazines and newspapers. For data management if you were to make a graph of what people love to eat in Canada it would be more reasonable to use secondary data because it would be hard to take a survey of all of Canada. We could just use the internet or maybe other secondary sources.
In data management the mean is the average of the numbers. calculate: add all of the numbers , then divide them by how many numbers there are. example: calculate the mean of 2, 7 and 9
Add the numbers: 2+7+9=18
divide them by how many numbers: 18 ÷ 3 = 6
So the mean is 6
During this presentation you will learn about a few key words used in data management such as mean, median,mode, primary data and a few more. Each person in the group researched on 2 definitions with an example for each and how things are answered using a certain strategy for each key word.
Median is the number in the middle.
Calculate: to find the median, place the numbers in value order and find the number in the middle.
Example: find the median of {15, 45, 12, 17, 26, 19, 36}.
Put them in order {12, 15, 17, 19, 26, 36, 45} (lowest to highest)
The number in the middle is 19, so the median is 19.
( if there are two middle numbers, you average them.)
A stem and leaf plot is a chart where the data value is split into the stem and leaf. The stem is the first digit of the number and the leaf is the other digit(s). For example, if I were to list the number 95 on a stem and leaf plot I would put the 9 under the section labeled “stem” and I would put the 5 next to the 9 but under the section labeled “leaf”. However if there was a number lower then 95 that was in the 90's I would have to put that first. Like say 92, I would have to put the 2 beside the 9 and then I would put a comma and then 5.

Real World Example
Stem and leaf plots are used rarely according to my research but they are used in some places. The stem and leaf plot can be found in subways and bus stations sometimes. They are used to find out the time schedule of the subway's and bus stations.

Mode is the number that appears the most in a set of numbers. For example, in the following set of number the number 4 appears the most which mean 4 is the mode, 3,5,8,

Real World Example
Mode is used a lot in the real world. One of the places where mode is used is a bakery. For example say a bakery sells red velvet cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes and say lots of people buy red velvet cupcakes so now the bakery has to make twice as much red velvet cupcakes. That would mean that the red velvet cupcakes are the mode in the bakery.
A line chart or line graph is a type of chart which displays information as a series of data points called markers connected by straight line segments. It is a basic type of chart common in many fields. A line graph also shows information that is connected some way such as change over time.
line graphs can be used to describe how a lot of things behave in real life. For instance, something as simple as buying vegetables from a shop usually the price is given in dollars per kilogram bought. In mathematical terms, you could say that the price is ‘y’, and that the number of kilos that you buy is x Then, you could write a mathematical relation relating the cost to how many kilos you buy. Say for instance you were buying carrots at $2.50 a kilogram
picture of data base
is optional
Mean, Median and Mode
Stem and Leaf Plot
Line Graph
Secondary Data
Primary Data
Biased: The definition of bias is when you
change the way something looks or is used to get the person to change someones mind to your opinion to make things in your favor
Real Life Example: Changing the scale of a double bar graph to make it seem bigger than the other bar
Spreadsheet: A spreadsheet is a computer generated arraignment of data in rows and columns
of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations. Can be showed using text and numbers
Real Life Example: Spreadsheet can be used in companies to store data, Manipulate data or to show the info being given.
Example of Spreadsheet
Bias Picture
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