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Copy of Whole Foods Bull's Eye

No description

Larissa Kimball

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Whole Foods Bull's Eye

Brand Mantra
Bringing healthier foods to the world and creating a workplace based on love and respect.
Points- of-Difference

Executional Properties/Visual Identity
Whole Foods Bull's Eye
Points of parity
Offers wide variety of organic and wholesome food options including many locally grown and produced produce and products
Commitment to team member personal happiness and success
Environmentally conscious and responsible
Involved community business partner and supporter
Points of Difference
Sells the highest quality foods possible
Provides a shopping experience that goes above and beyond the typically grocery store
Educates customers on healthy eating and product options
Transparent Quality
Wholefoods is committed to making sure their customers know what quality means to them and what does not make the cut.
"There is a high cost for cheap food."
-Walter Robb, CEO Whole Foods
Conscious Culture You Can See
A positive work environment that changes the lives of team members through personal enrichment and involvement.
Whole Trade Commitment
Whole Food further demonstrates their commitment to global partners and suppliers through ethical purchases.
"Take care of your team members and they will take care of your customers."
-Walter Robb, CEO
Whole Foods
Brand Values/Personality/Character

Properties/Visual Identity
Fresh Plants & Vegetables
Consumer Target
Health conscious shoppers who want high quality foods with wholesome ingredients
Consumer Insight
A variety of organic and wholesome food options are just as readily available at other grocery chains
Consumer Need State
Desire for higher quality produce and foods and a more wholesome shopping experience
Competitive Product Set
Local and national grocery store chains and wholefood markets and co-ops
Consumer Takeaway
Whole Foods provides the highest quality produce and grocery products in a positive and enriching environment while supporting the community in which it operates.
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