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The Fault in our Stars

No description

Anna Schiff

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars John Green The Story The People The Symbols The Messages most recurring symbol WATER constant reminder of Hazel's cancer and imminent death Hazel’s lungs "cancer water", Van Houten’s alcohol, Augustus’s g-tube, urine, vomit, Amsterdam's canals, Hazel’s mom’s bath, and champagne Augustus' metaphor Cigarettes he never lights them, just lets them dangle out of his mouth gives him control even though he has something capable of killing him in his mouth, he has the choice to not let it kill him. though he is dying of cancer, he does not let his spirit be diminished a spunky reminder Funky Bones With deteriorating, decrepit bodies, Funky Bones is a perfect symbol of these character’s literal funky bones. The sculpture reminds readers that these young, teenagers in the prime of their youth are extremely afflicted. timeless allusions Shakespeare Green's relentless quotes are representative of the bard’s undying words that have left a mark that will never fade on human history. Augustus and Hazel are obsessed with what kind of mark they will leave on
the world once they have passed away. The book's main characters obsess throughout the entire novel about the fictional book An Imperial Affliction by the fictional author Peter Van Houten. their bible AIA- Van Houten The book hangs over the shoulders of these characters and encompasses their greatest worries: what will become of their families and friends once they have died. Hazel Augustus Van Houten Isaac & Monica Augustus Waters is the gorgeous love interest and best friend of Hazel Grace. She meets him at cancer support group when her friend Isaac brings him in as a guest despite his being in remission for a few years. After suffering from osteosarcoma, Augustus lost his leg-not his lively, passionate spirit. He believes whole heartedly in seizing the day and living while you can and, with spontaneous bursts of romances and surges of adventure, Augustus instills a new sense of optimism in Hazel, willing her to keep living. Peter Van Houten is the eccentric American author turned recluse who wrote An Imperial Affliction, Hazel and Augustus’s favourite book. He is initially idolized by the young readers who have this concept of him being some supernatural, all-knowing genius with the answers to life, but turns out to be a huge disappointment. After years of living a quiet, secluded life in Amsterdam, Van Houten has become a bitter, skeptical alcoholic. Though he blames his isolated life on his hate of Americans, we later find out how he too has been affected by cancer. These two, young love birds are a model to Hazel and Augustus of what not to be. Though they desperately clung to the cheesy promise “always”, their long time relationship fell apart just before Isaac lost his other eye to cancer. They represent the inconvenient truth that nothing gold can stay. "The universe wants to be noticed." "we are all side effects of death" Hazel Grace Lancaster is John Green’s main character and narrator of The Fault in Our Stars. 16 years old and living off of an oxygen tank while battling the various side effects of thyroid cancer, she no longer attends public school and has become somewhat of a recluse. She reads the same book over and over again(An Imperial Affliction), watches re-runs of America’s Next Top Model marathons and only grudgingly (and at her mother’s request) attends support group meetings every Wednesday. Though she refuses to admit it, Hazel clearly feels defeated and lacks motivation, accepting the idea of complete and utter oblivion while finding most things to be futile. Though she claims that she is perfectly fine, it’s obvious that she’s not, until she meets Augustus Waters. "love can help make shit better" "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves" -Shakespeare Style She narrates. big words infused with teenager quirks hamartia octologically Phalanxifor shitty so hot

-Cancer Support Group

-Connection and Friendship

-Isaac Amsterdam! Resurgence
Sickness -Love Interest

-Peter Van Houten

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