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No description

Danielle Andrade

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Lululemon

The Future of Lululemon
The Future of
is NOW
Situation Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Major Market players (abundance of monetary backing & ad resources)
Zella - Nordstrom's in-house brand
Athleta - Largest direct threat
Boutique yoga companies
Current Target Market Profile
Sophisticated and well-educated women
Understand a healthy life style
16 to 45 years old
Upper middle class - upper class
Appearance conscious
Want "inner peace"
Within U.S.
PR Blunder of 2013
"It's really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how much they use it," Chip Wilson said of the pants
New Direction
Sustain current premium pricing strategy

: Focus on current Lululemon product line as well as additional men's lines and sweat-proof apparel

Promotion & Place
: USA focus with wide-scale promotional campaign focusing on social media, PR, digital and male endorsers to elicit interest from new, male target
Russell Wilson
Starting Quarterback for the 2014 Superbowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks
Makes weekly visits to children's hospital in Seattle, Washington and is constantly praised for both his charitable actions and reliability
Clint Dempsey
Captain of the 2014 USA Men's Soccer Team
Scored in the first 34 seconds against Ghana, making his goal the fastest in U.S. World Cup history
Dempsey was selected as Fulham’s player of the year in consecutive seasons in 2011-12 and 2012-2013

Ryan Lochte
11 time Olympic Athlete & 4 World Records
Ryan is the spokesperson for Parent Project and makes annual donations to the organization as well as the Make A Wish Foundation
Ryan will help with Lululemon's campaign in the upcoming Olympics
PR Campaign
Our advertising and PR campaigns are targeted to better brand image and increase overall brand awareness.
After offering the free yoga sessions and positioning ourselves in large, chain gyms, we will look at immediate sales and reflect upon consumer judgment surveys to see if the brand is being viewed favorably.
Social Media Campaign
Maintain pages on
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter

focused around male-targeted campaign, featuring prize giveaways and meet and greats with endorsers

consumer involvemen
t by allowing them to have a presence on social accounts
i.e.: Pinterest contributors
Evaluating Performance & Feedback
Compare actual
sales, market share, social media following and endorser feedback
to relevant planning benchmarks
- Specific focus on male target and market share
Increase brand interest and brand favorability by evaluating consumer feedback surveys

If above metrics are not achieved, we will revisit market plan and fix strategies accordingly
- Image and Reputation of a high
end brand
- High prices and quality
- Loyal customer base
- Good personnel selling and in-store
- Overall customer yoga experience

- No diversified distribution channels
- Niche Market
- Low advertising budget
- Solidified image
- Reach the male consumer
- Partner with main stream distributors
- Implement large scale advertising
campaign with endorsers
- Change image
- Pr Blunder of 2013
- Rise of many boutique yoga brands
- Lack of communication to consumers where competitors are advertising
"That’s a problem for a yoga pants company in a land where nude yoga has yet to take off," -WSJ
Refocus our target market - Men + Women
Athletic lifestyle, not just Yoga
Anti-Odor defense
Pro-Athlete endorsements
Wide-scale advertisement endeavors

Increase sales by 20%
in the next fiscal year by expanding advertising budget and implementing new advertising initiatives
Increase male market share by 10%

Increase total market share by 5%
Re-target male buyer
by creating a campaign that is more inclusive of male consumer’s needs and wants
Rebrand current offering
with new advertising campaign to persuade target to view Lululemon brand as not solely a yoga apparel provider, but a more general, Athletics apparel company
Better brand image and brand liking
Increase social media following

Our digital campaign will be implemented to increase the
universality of Lululemon's advertising endeavors, encourage brand switching, and reach a broader audience.

We plan to implement:

Digital Banner Ads
Programmatic (Re-targetting & Competitor Conquesting)
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