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North Carolina Literature

No description

Veir Patel

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of North Carolina Literature

North Carolina Literature Surviving the Applewhites is a book that takes place in Norh Carolina's Piedmont region. It is about a 13 year old boy named Jake Sample and how he adapts and lives with the Applewhites, who are a family of gifted people. Jake is at the Applewhites estate, Witts End, because he was kicked out of every scool in Rhode Island and a local school in North Carolina near Witts End. He is first supposed Throughout the book he finds his inner talent in the theater. At the end he plays Rolf in Randolf's "Sound of Music" play. Where the Lilies Bloom is a book that takes place in North Carolina's mountainous region.It is about how a family can cope with the promises that they made to their father before he died. One of which is letting Kiser not mary Devola (the oldest sister). It is also how they survive and keep the death a secret. They get money and goods through wildcrafting the mountainous plants. At the end they have no choice but to break their promises for the better of the family. Jake Semple comes to Witts End Jake learns E.D's learning plan Surviving the Applewhites Where the Liles Bloom Very wealthy
Mother and father present
Adults make money
Home schooled
Cars Almost to the point of poor
No parents present
Kids make money
Public school
Foot travel Go to school
Four kids
An organized leader
Have to travel to get to the towns Similar? Different? Summary Summary NC geography Peidmont
Modern Tecnology found
House more peidmont like Mountains
Mountainous flowers
Mountain talk
Mountain cabin Applewhites Luthors Not many reasources
Parents not available
Not much land to live
Not very wealthy
Ima Dean is 5
Oldest is Devola but she is older than Hal
Devola sings Many reasources
Artists and thinkers
Parents available
A lot of land to live
Destiny is 4
Oldest is Hal
Destiny sings 4 kids
live in houses
music is brought to them in a certain way Jake went tooo Wits End
And it turned his life around
Jake thought he would get kicked out but he became an actor
He played Rolf in Randolf's play
And Destiny tried to be like him
All he got was paper ...mache hair To the beat of pop goes the weasel Randolf and Jeremy get into an accident Randolf get to direct the Sound of Music Jake is discovered as a singer by Randolf Jake gets Rolf in the play Jake finds the fritillary The play can't be at the theatre They turn the barn into a theatre The play is televised Theme and setting This book takes place in the present day peidmont. We know this because of the current technology and geographic descriptions.
The theme of this book is taking a juvinile delinquent and making him great. This book takes place in the more oldern North Carolina mountains. We know this because of the early technology and reasources described. The time setting would probabaly have war but noone would have been afected because they are high in the mountains.
The theme of this book is keeping a familiy together no mater what is important and sometimes promises can be broken.
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