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Requiem for a Dream

No description

Megan Loveday

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Requiem for a Dream

When Harry met Marion...
they were just occasional, recreational drug users.
A Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead.
-health -mental state
-occupation -finances -legal issues
-responsibilities -basically all aspects of life

The Four C's
Compulsive behavior
Chronic, relapsing brain disorder
Cognitive impairment
In the summer they were a happy, care-free couple with ambitions and goals until...their addictions to heroin progressed. By winter they have lost all control of their lives, forcing them to live as slaves to their drug habits. As a result their relationship and goals suffers tremendously.
Addicts will do anything for their next fix...
Marion has turned to prostitution.
Addicts don't think clearly and make poor decisions...
Harry continued to shoot up in his infected arm; resulting in a hospital visit, then a jail visit, and eventually the amputation of his arm.

The Accidental Addict
Sara is Harry's mother. She is a lonely
widow, watches a lot of t.v., and was thrilled
to learn that she is going to appear on one of her favorite t.v. programs. This begins her obsession
with losing weight, to get camera ready.

Sara loses weight and likes the way she feels on the pills; Sara quickly becomes an addict.

Sara's health and mental status deteriorates fast!
An incompetent
doctor prescribes
her anorexiants &
a sedative.
"Dependence" & "uncomfortable withdrawal" from substance abuse, occurs on a continuum, and addiction occurs over a period of time.
Addiction can be influenced by a combo of genetics, biological, sociological, & environmental factors
Substance Abuse has come between them



The film is about these four characters and their journey with substance abuse.
Each character has unresolved issues involving their past: loneliness, anger, abandonment, sadness, guilt, etc. Which can explain the use of drugs as coping mechanisms, since they lack healthy coping skills.
Over the course of summer, fall, and winter; Harry, Marion, Sara, and Tyrone have all found themselves in the midst of a living nightmare because their addictions have taken over their lives.
They each must deal with major consequences of their addictions.
Tyrone and Harry are buddies that sell and do drugs together. The beginning of the film starts out with them pawning Sara's t.v. to get their next fix; very typical of an addict.
Tyrone ends up in a racist prison in Georgia, not a very pleasant place to go through withdrawal symptoms.
At the end of the film each character was alone and going through great turmoil. They each curled up in the fetal position, symbolizing helplessness and loss of control in their lives.
Jessica Kirkman and Megan Loveday
Sara has lost touch with reality, is having psychotic episodes, and perhaps has lost her mind indefinitely...in just a few months!
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