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Hatchet Final Assignment

No description

Lucky Ganesh

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet Final Assignment

Conclusion 1st Key Event: The Crash 2nd Key Event:Finding The Gut Cherries and Making a Fire 3rd Key Event:Plane Passing Making Brian The 'New Brian' Hatchet While flying in an airplane to the Canadian oil fields, Jim or Jake (the pilot), suddenly has a heart attack, leaving the plane in Brian hands. Thankfully, somehow Brian manages to crash land the plane with the little experience he had when the pilot had let him fly. Brian then finds him self on his own somewhere in the Canadian wilderness away from civilization.

This was a significant event because if the pilot did not die and if Brian didn't have to crash land then he would have been safe and wouldn't have had his survival on the line. In my opinion if this didn't happen then Brian would not have had to go through this whole experience of learning how to survive in the wild in an unfamiliar place. Plus, if Brain didn't crash land the plane all the things he did in the rest of the book would never happen. That is my justification to why I chose the crash as being one of the 5 key parts of the story. Brian getting fairly used to the fact that he was stranded and that he needed to do something, he set of to find something edible. While he walked throw the forest, he saw many birds but what caught his eye was this big group of them on a pine tree. When he went in for a closer look he saw that the birds were eating these berries which he later on called 'gut cherries'. These gut cherries became Brian's first food source and he fed on them.Few days later after the porcupine had attacked him, Brian realized that he could use the hatchet to make a fire. So after several attempts Brian managed to make a fire. The fire helped Brian in many ways, it kept him warm, drove the black flies and mosquitoes away, and later helped him cook other foods. Also, not many animals would go near his campsite because the fire was unfamiliar to them.

In my opinion this was an important part in the story because if Brian didn't find the 'gut cherries' then he would have starved for he had not eaten for 2 days since the crash, plus it was the only source of food he had that would give him the energy he needed to do other things like get more wood for the fire everyday, and later on find the raspberries. The fire was also an important part in the story because the fire helped him in numerous ways making it a little easier and convenient for him. Also, the fire in a way gave him comfort , I know this because in the text in page 93 it says " I have a friend now. A hungry friend but a good one. I have a friend named fire."Those are the reasons why I felt it was one of the main 5 events in the story. \ Author:Gary Paulsen 4th Key Event: Catching the Fish and the
Tornado Destroying His Shelter For the final Hatchet assignment I decided to determine the five key points of the story which are:
When Brian has to crash land
Finding the gut cherries and making the fire
When the plane passed making him a new person
Catching fish and then tornado destroying his shelter
Finding the survival pack and getting rescued

The book Hatchet written by Gary Paulsen is about Brian a thirteen year old boy who lived in Hampton NY with his mother, who was in was a single engine two seater bush plane (Cessna 406) flying up to the Canadian oil fields to stay with his father during his two month summer break, after his parents had recently divorced. Brian then finds himself somewhere in the Canadian wilderness and it is up to him to survive on his own. Introduction One normal afternoon Brian was crudely fashioning a bow and arrow, when he heard a whine that was gradually getting louder and louder, at first Brian could not process what was happening but he soon realized that it was a plane, immediately he ran to the unlit bonfire that he had already made in case of this situation, he then lit up the bonfire as the flames gradually grew bigger. Sadly as suddenly as the plane had come it had gone, it passed right over him. Brian was crushed, but slightly optimistic on page 117 he said "Look back, he thought. Look back and see the smoke and turn, please turn".As soon as Brian realized they were not coming back he immediately lost hope of everything and was so miserable. By the end of the day Brian was so down, so disappointed, and so brokenhearted, he could not take it anymore, having to survive alone, he was done. Brian then tried to commit suicide using his hatchet, but it was difficult, and he just lied on the ground wishing that he would die and would not have to live another day. But inside Brian knew that he was a new person ever since the crash happened, he had more knowledge and skill, and also knew that he was more careful and observant . The plane passing also changed his attitude, he did not care anymore to be rescued, he only had hope in surviving, he would not let himself die.

In my opinion I think this was an important event in the story because there was a chance that Brian would have been rescued, and would be reunited with his family and would not be alone anymore. Which was what he wanted, I know this because in the text on page 118 it says "The plane was gone, his family gone, all of it gone. They would not come. He was alone and there was nothing for him." I also think that it was important that Brian had a new mindset because later on when the tornado hit you'd expect him to kill him'self again but because of his new motives he just went on with life and acted like it never happened. In my opinion I felt that this was one of the major events in the story as explained above my reasons why. It was normal for Brian now to wake up everyday knowing he was in the middle of nowhere. Since his campsite was near a small lake he saw fish swimming and thought fish would be a good food source as the lake had many in it and it would probably be a little more filling than the raspberries. Brian needed something to catch the fish so with his hatchet, some wood and few other materials he fashioned tools such a fish spear, and a bow and arrow to catch the fish. Brian attempted to catch the fish many times but only after remembering that water refracts Brian got his first hit. From then on Brian relied on mostly fish.Days, and days had passed and Brian had been through lots but what he was about to experience topped them all. One day while he was sleeping, Brian woke up to the low sound, not knowing what it was Brian tried to be somehow ready, but he could not be ready for something like a tornado! The tornado destroyed Brian's shelter completely and whipped him here and there. The old Bria would have been devastated but Brian was different now, he could handle it.The next day it was not very hard for Brian to make his shelter again and get the fire going because now he was sort of an expert at this because all he had was that hatchet and that's all he had before so it was like starting all over again except this time he knew exactly what he needed to do and could do it faster.

Catching the fish was a significant event in the story because Brian finally had a proper staple food source which made a huge improvement from his other food sources and it was more reliable compared to the raspberries and gut cherries because, unlike the berries the fish would not go bad for he caught and cooked it fresh. Also because it was the first type of meat he had since the crash. The tornado destroying Brian's campsite was also an important event because at that moment Brian's life was on the line, and it took apart his shelter so he now had to rebuild everything again from the shelter to the tools Plus, in my opinion I thought it was extremely impressive for a young boy to keep himself together like that even with broken ribs and ask "is that all you got". That is why I thought this was a significant point in the story. 5th Key Event Getting the Survival Pack and Getting Rescued After the tornado hit, it had flipped the plane, making the tail stick out of the water. Seeing this Brian then realized that there might be a survival pack in there somewhere. Brian thought that if he could retrieve it it would contain many useful things that he could use to make it a little easier on himself. So Brian made a plan to use a raft to get to the plane where he would have to somehow get in the pane maybe by ripping or cutting his way and find the survival pack. Brian made a raft although it took him some thinking and reconstructing but he managed to make one. The next day Brian then proceeded to the plane and when he finally got there he noticed the plane was made of light aluminum covering that he could use his hatchet to hack at the plane. After working at the plane constantly Brian at last made a big enough opening. Brian got inside to obtained the bag when found it he brought it back to the opening shimmied it out and headed back to camp with the raft. Brian was so tired, he just went to the shelter not even bothering to open the survival pack and slept. The next day Brian went through all the things in the survival pack with amazement. when Brian came upon the emergency transmitter he fiddled with it but later put it aside for he was unable to understand how to use it. That night he feasted on the canned foods, that he cooked on a pot over the fire. As he did so a plane suddenly landed in the lake and to Brian's astonishment he had left the transmitter on and the pilot of the other plane was flying around and heard the transmitter and came to Brian's rescue.Brian was obviously astonished, because he didn't know what he did to the transmitter, but was also proud of himself for surviving on his own and not losing it.

Finding the survival pack was an important part of the book because the contents of it were extremely useful, and would make it much easier, for he would not have to catch his food anymore, and he had a sleeping bag which was much comfier than the ground, etc. The survival pack was also an important part in the story because it contained the transmitter which later on helped him get rescued. Brian finally getting rescued was also a very important part in the story because he would not have to eat the same things everyday, or think about what he was to accomplish next, and most importantly Brian would not be alone anymore. Also in my opinion if he wasn't rescued any sooner he would have not made it, because the items in the survival kit would not last forever. In my opinion those are the 5 main events in the book Hatchet for they all made a tremendous affect on the story.Again here are the 5 key parts in the story determined by me:
When Brian has to crash land
Finding the gut cherries and making the fire
When the plane passed making him a new person
Catching fish and then tornado destroying his shelter
Finding the survival pack and getting rescued

To me the book Hatchet is a bumpy ride about how a boy survives on his own. With the twists and turns throughout the book the author Gary Paulsen, really knows how to engage his readers. Though the inside of the book is fascinating the cover doesn't quite do it justice.
So here is an exclusive look at the re-creation of the cover! Before :( After :) These are what the 'gut cherries looked like.
(commonly called chokecherries) This is what Brian's fire probably looked like. This is a similar image of the tornado that damaged his shelter This is what the survival pack may have contained Hatchet Gary Paulsen More than 4.5 million copies sold Also an exclusive look at the new cover! This is one of the many types of fish Brian caught, a sunfish.
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