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Survey results on Myopia

SGLI 2012

Chloe Zhang

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Survey results on Myopia

Myopia Survey result on Of students in Shanghai No.3 Girls'
High School

-High myopia rate
-Low sports time
-Unhealthy diet the overall result comes out current situation We surveyed about 350 students in the high school. About 80% of the girls have myopia, which is a highly concerned problem for all of us. Conclusions According to our survey results, we have made several conclusions:

-The lack of physical exercise and the overuse of electronic devices are the two most important factors causing myopia.

-Incorrect reading and writing posture and unhealthy eating habits rank third and fourth. Myopia Prevention Plan 2012 Calling for more
students to take a rest and have some physical exercise between lessons. Suggesting the school
administrators to pay
attention to students' personal sanitation. Publicizing the idea
of healthy eating habits, like having more nuts and less sweet snacks. Thank you for watching!

Edited by: Chloe Zhang
Beta Dai
Kate Wei
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