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Brian's Return

No description

lucio vazquez

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Brian's Return

Brian's Return
Favorite Character
Book's Theme
The main setting is in the Canadian wilderness, where Brian will try to survive.
Thanks For Watching
Background info
Why did I picked the book?
About the Author
My brother recommended it to me.
After having survived alone in the wilderness, Brian finds that he can no longer live in the city but must return to the place where he really belongs. Although Brian knows that it is hard to survive in the wild, he believes it's the best place for him. He likes to be challenged the way the wilderness challenges him. The reason why Brian leave the city is because he can no longer fit in back home, and is uncomfortable being there.
" Dear Caleb: I am where I belong and I belong where I am."
Gary Pualsen loves to be out on the great outdoors. He and his wife, the artist Ruth Wright Paulsen, have homes in New Mexico and on the Pacific Ocean.
I liked Brian because he was different from all the other characters.
Brian, Caleb(psychiatrist), Brian's mom, and Carl(football player).
Newbery Honor books:
The Winter Room
Brian's Return is the fourth book in
the Hatchet Series.
Brian is a 16 year old, that has just been rescued from the forest and brought back home, in the city.
By: Gary Paulsen
Main Characters
I chose this quote because I thought it was really interesting.
I thought the book's theme was "Facing the Reality."
Some of the main conflicts were, Brian fighting Carl (football player)and injured him bad, person vs. person.

Brian trying to get permission from his mom to go back to the forest, person vs. person.

Brian trying to survive in the wilderness, person vs. nature.
Popular books:
The River
My Life in Dog Years
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