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Sharing For a Cause - 2013

No description

Miguel Borje

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Sharing For a Cause - 2013

Non-profit organization that aims to empower children to take responsibility with opportunities to learn about giving back
Our projects:
- Buddy Reading program (ongoing)
- No Ordinary Kid Magazine
- Market Day 2012
- Writing/Music for a Cause
- Powered by Youth Forum
- SFAC 2011-2012
Book Drive
Stationery Drive
50,000 books donated
36,152 supplies donated
Chi Heng Foundation, Christian Family Service Centre – Lai Chi Centre, Po Leung Kuk, RIKS Education, St. James’ Settlement Kindness Centre, The Salvation Army Recycling Programme, The White Rose Family Foundation, Vision first, Watchdog Early Education Centre and Youth Outreach.
Chi Heng Foundation, LST Leung Wong Fai Fong Memorial School, Po Leung Kuk. Society for Community Organization, The Salvation Army - Recycling Programme, Watchdog Early Education Centre
Sharing For a Cause 2013
Sporting Goods Drive:
Thank you for participating in Sharing for a Cause 2013.
55 Participating Schools and Corporates
1. Rackets
2. Balls
3. Sports Shoes
4. Sporting Bags
5. Bats, Sticks
6. Miscellaneous e.g. Water Bottles
- 100% Student Advocates-Led

- Organized by a core team of 13-16 secondary students
Spread the word! Tell everyone about our campaign.
Your heartfelt donations will be picked up and transported to Crossroads, then redistributed to various charities around the world.
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