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Religious Life and Ordained Ministry

No description

Vanessa Urbina

on 1 December 2011

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Transcript of Religious Life and Ordained Ministry

Double click anywhere & add an idea Religious Life
Ordained Ministry By: Kara Creamer
Vanessa Urbina
Maria Meza Essential Elements
of the
Religious Life Religious are members who dedicate their lives soley to the service of God Community Prayer Service Support
Strengthen Provide affirmation for the religious Provide:
Concerned Listening
Practical Advice
Words of Encouragement Remind religious of the sacredness of every person Helps keep faith that love will lead to good Helps focus on God during difficult situations Forms of prayer include:
Paraliturgical Services
Shared Reflection Assists religious to renew their sense of the Holy Spirit at work in them Means for communicating
with God Enriches the faith of religious Characteristics Vows Prayer and Ministry Prayer Ministry Community - The vows are the means or the way by which religioius dedicate their lives to God.
- A vows is a solemn promise to God.
- Chastity, poverty and obedience. LOVE is the motive for the wovs.
- Religious take vows so they can love God, His Church, and all people. THe very source of Jesus's life was his intimate communion with god in prayer.
- Most important of all the activities Religious do. Religious love by GIVING - by doing MINISTRY.
- Teaching, nursing, retreat center, counseling, working with the poor, youth ministry, etc. All the prayer and work would be challenging if done alone.
- Religious live commmunally, inspired by Jesus's intense life with his disciples.
- Religious are able to support and encourage each other in their prayer and ministry.
- By living with people of all types, God challenges them to come out of their selfishness. God calls each one of us through our birth and baptism to love and serve him and each other.
- Jesus came to show us how to love.
- He is the ultimate example and source of Love.
- Only in loving God and our fellow human beings as he dd is there true happiness and meaning in life. Definition of Religioius Life religious women and men 1. By professing vows and living communally
2. Dedicate their whole life to loving and
serving God, the Church and all people
3. Through prayer and ministry. THIS IS THE BASIC LIFE MISSION OF ALL PEOPLE -To love God and each other -
God call us to do this in four ways of life MARRIAGE SINGLE LIFE PRIESTHOOD RELIGIOUS LIFE A way to meet the needs in the human community Must reflect Jesus' mission Counseling
Medical Assistance
Feeding the poor
Offering other needed services Religious Vows Vow to own few material possessions Commits religious to live simply and share resources Reminder that their lives should be like that of Jesus Vow of Poverty Vow of Chastity Promise to love in a way that frees the religious to respond to all humankind. Includes the pledge to be celibate Allows religious to focus on the well-being of the needy Urges religious to stay in communication with God because God will provide affection and affirmation. Vow of Obedience Forces religious to listen with an open mind and set aside their own agenda Requires that religious listen to Gods call and try to discern his will Obedience is an active searching process in which religious must take the initiative to seek Gods will Rites of Ordained Priest, Bishop, and Deacons:

- Eucharist celebration directed by Bishop
_ imposition of hands (degree of power is imparted)
- order of hierachy: Deacons, Priests, and Deacons.
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