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Gout Project

No description

Kayla Watkins

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Gout Project

It's really gross Gout Symptoms & Detection Seems like some crazy stuff. How did we discover this thing? What is gout? But I don't want gout. •Excess of uric acid because your body makes too much or has a difficult time disposing of it. Uric Acid helps with protein breakdown.
•If too much uric acid fills up in joint fluid, uric acid crystals will form and become inflamed.
•Certain medicines increase risk.
It is a lifestyle disease, and will mostly affect those with a high fat diet and high alcohol consumption. I still don't know how to not get gout. Sources Pictures
http://www.everydayhealth.com/gout/separating-gout-facts-and-myths.aspx Myths Over time gout will go away.
Sometimes gout will subside, but seeking treatment is necessary. Without prevention, gout can return.

Gout is a mild form of arthritis.
Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis. Some people compare it to breaking a leg or childbirth, and without treatment, the pain will continue.
Eating cherries can cure gout.
There is no cure for gout. Cherries might help lower uric acid levels, but it is not a cure. Interesting Facts This arthritis is most common because estrogen usually protects women from it.
Alcohol increases the risk for gout
Gout can not only cause arthritis, but it can damage kidneys if untreated. Gout is an arthritis caused by an excess of uric acid. Usually only affects one or a few joints with sudden, excruciating pain.
Joint appears red and is very tender.
Sometimes a fever.
Attack might go away, but might return and last longer the next time.
After a first attack, there will be no symptoms.
The most affected area is the big toe. This type of gout is called Podagra. Want to see what that looks like? See? That wasn't so bad. Ha. Just kidding. 2630 BC Egypt, Hippocrates noticed the disease and named it ‘the unwalkable disease.’
Gout comes from the Latin term 'gutta' from the medieval belief that too much good humor would ‘drop’ into the foot, causing pain.
“Disease of Kings” was common references for only the royal class consumed the rich foods and extravagant amounts of alcohol thought to be the cause of gout. How is it caused? Uric Acid... Uric Acid helps with protein breakdown. You are at a higher risk if you have:
Kidney disease
Sickle cell
Leukemia You can prevent gout with
Healthy diets high in fiber
staying well hydrated prevents gout attacks
Drinking alcohol in moderation
don’t eat chitlins, that’s how my uncle got it Okay. So is there a cure? No, but it is treated by a shot of corticosteroid and/or other medicines can prevent recurring attacks. Doses shrink as symptoms fade. Relief is commonly found within 24 hours. Prescriptions of medicine to reduce uric acid buildup in your blood suppress future attacks. Some people take this medicine for their entire lives.
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