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The Hunt for the Seventh

No description

Kate Culallad

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Hunt for the Seventh

By: Christine Morton-Shaw The Life
Christine Morton-Shaw The Hunt for the Seventh Early Life Christine was born on September 25, 1957 in Blackburn, England. As a child, she was known to be adventurous, always exploring in places such as old churches, deserted abbeys, and stately homes. She had stated to have experienced supernatural phenomenons as a child. Her childhood experiences and interest in the past influenced her novels. Education There was no information on the internet that stated the high school she had attended. However, I found that Morton-Shaw moved to Sheffield, England to attend Sheffield Hallam University. She earned a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. Other Books The Riddles of Epsilon
The Hunt for the Seventh Young-Adult Novels: Children Books: The 'Stringalongs' Series
Don't Worry William
Picnic Farm
Wake Up, Sleepy Bear Awards Picnic Farm was awarded the Silver Honors by the Parents Choice Foundation
Riddles of Epsilon: VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) 'perfect ten' rating in June 2006
Great Stone Face Book Awards 2011-2012
Manchester Book Award 2009 Setting The story takes place in England around the summer of 1900s. It is set in a rural area where an ancient estate known as Minerva Hall still stands.It covers hundreds of acres of land has many statues. It attracts many tourists. The story also takes place in a little village known as Sevenstone. Minerva Hall Minerva Hall Garden Sevenstone Village Chapel Main Characters Plot Jim Brown moves to Minerva Hall with his father and little sister, Sal Louis Minerva III has a son, Henry. Jim hears a voice asking him to "Find the Seventh." Each of the children showed Jim how they had died. Rating I absolutely love this book no matter how many times I have read it. It's suspenseful, mysterious, and I cannot put the book down once I begin reading it. Once I opened the book, and flipped through a few pages, I could not believe there are already exciting events happening in the beginning of the book. I was also very satisfied with the ending. However, I deducted a star because it became evident who the Seventh was in the middle of the book. The author gave too much details that revealed the mystery. But the fact that there was a twist in the end satisfied me. All in all, this book was very entertaining. Themes By breaking the rules, Jim was able to save a whole village and was able to solve a mystery that he was asked to do. Jim had caused his father to lose his job by wandering about the restricted areas of Mr. Minerva's estate. Exhausted and furious, his dad ordered him to stay at his room as to not cause any more trouble. Jim disobeyed because he knew that if he listened to his dad, then lives will come to an end. He snuck out of his room. He also found the Seventh. In addition, Jim broke the rules by sneaking out of his room after getting grounded. He used the dumbwaiter to get out of the house to find more clues about the deaths of the young Minerva children and clues to finding the Seventh Minerva child. It's okay to break the rules if it means saving a life. Determination can lead an individual to what they are looking for. Jim meets an autistic boy he called "Einstein" due to his great knowledge of numbers He suddenly sees a transparent image of a girl named Harriet. Jim discovers there are six Minerva children who died a tragic death. Names of the deceased children:
-Harriet Minerva
-Oswald Minerva
-Nellie Minerva
-Edwina Minerva
-Thomas Minerva
-Beatrice Minerva No matter the obstacle Jim faced, he continued to find a way around them in order to complete the task he was assigned. Though he got in trouble many times and was locked into his room, he found ways to leave and find clues about the Seventh. He risked his life in order to find the truth and in the end, he was able to find Henry's body (the Seventh) and was able to save a whole village. Nothing could stop him from finishing the task he was assigned. His determination saved many lives and brought Mr. Minerva to justice. Jim and his family meets Lord Minerva III, owner of estate Jim visits the village of Sevenstone and finds that the death of the Minerva children has something to do with a prophecy. Jim also encounters an ugly old hag named Blind Meg. Blind Meg was a cunning woman that helps Jim look for the "Seventh" Jim's was able locate Einstein's body, who turned out to be the "Seventh" Minerva child that was inclined to die and was able save Sevenstone. The prophecy states that seven children must die before the summer solstice or else the village of Sevenstone will be flooded and many people will die. Jim then discovers that "Einstein" is actually Henry and that he was killed by his dad. JIM BROWN -Protagonist
-Background:English boy around 12 years old, lost his mother, oldest child
-Traits: Determined, Independent, Caring
-Round character: possess many traits such as being loving, rebellious, curious, and brave
-Dynamic character: Jim evolved as the story progressed. He became more and more determined to find the "Seventh" and save the lives of the village. He turned from and obedient child into a more rebellious person.
-Motivation: He is willing to find the "Seventh" because he has no choice. He also does not want his family and a whole village to get hurt. Henry "Einstein" Minerva -Background: Deceased, Around 13 years old, son of Louis Minerva, Autistic, loves numbers, the "Seventh", killed by his father, helps Jim look for clues
-Traits: Shy, reserve, intelligent
-Flat Character: Minimal traits
-Static Character: Throughout the story, he remained shy and continued to love numbers
-Motivation: He hid the film of his murder from his father. He wanted justice for his death. He wanted his dad to be caught. Lord Louis Minerva III -Antagonist: keeps Jim from finding the "Seventh" by threatening that he will fire Jim's dad if he wonders around restricted areas
-Background: Around 50 years old,owner of Minerva Hall, fat, killed his child, not fond of children
-Traits: mean, grumpy
-Flat Character: most distinctive trait is being mean
-Static Character: remained grumpy and evil until his death
Motivation: The tape that contained the scene of him murdering his Henry. He does not want Jim and Sal to wonder around fearing that they might discover the tape and find out the truth. Blind Meg -Background: Deceased, Cunning woman of the village of Sevenstone, guides Jim to find the body of Henry, made the prophecy of the curse of the Minerva children
-Traits: Helpful, Scary
-Flat Character: Readers know little traits about her
-Static Character: Never changed at the course of the story. Remained dead, scary and helpful
-Motivations: To fulfill the prophecy and save her village. She continues to guide Jim in order to find the "Seventh" so that the flood mentioned in her prophecy does not happen and kill the people of Sevenstone Sal Brown -Background: Around 10 years old, English, little sister of Jim, youngest child, cute, Daddy's little girl
-Traits: caring, blabbermouth, smart, dependent
-Round Character: possess many traits such as being lively, dependent, persuasive
-Dynamic Character: She evolved at the course of the story. She turned from a dependent, whiny little girl into a more mature person.
-Motivation: The happiness of her father and safety of her brother. She wants her dad to keep smiling and keep is job and so that is why she is obedient. She also urges her brother to stop looking for the "Seventh" since it will get their dad fired. THE END! Created by: Kate Culallad
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