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Making the most of LinkedIn

5 steps for UK higher education students to build & optimise their LinkedIn profile. Number 1 in a series of 4

Leigh Fowkes

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Making the most of LinkedIn

Making the most of LinkedIn:
5 easy steps
for Profile building and optimisation for students.

Step 1: Understand
Watch the "LinkedIn for UK Students: Your Career Starts Here video".

Browse this brief slide show

Step 2: Register and start building your profile

Use your CV to help you fill in your profile and follow the step by step process. Click on the images below to start. Also watch the "Top 5 Profile To Dos" Youtube video.

Step 3: Now you have a profile then start to optimise it.
Go through the "LinkedIn Profile Checklist" and "Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn" help sheets.

Decide what can be viewed by the world. View, understand, and optimise your security & privacy settings

Step 4: Advanced features
1) Make sure your profile strength is "All Star" http://goo.gl/FyQca0

2) Build your network (aim for at least 100)

3) Use LinkedIn for finding jobs/internships and for interview research

4) Use the Alumni Tool for Higher Education
Step 5: A great profile is the first step.....
1) Visit the LinkedIn UK Student help pages and find out more http://students.linkedin.com/uk

2) Use your career service to have your online presence reviewed.

3) Come back to this Prezi and complete all the steps in your own time if you need to.

4) Check out the LinkedIn speaker series on youtube and visit the key influencer pages
You can use this session in
two ways
1) If you
are not
on linkedin Find out more about how it can be useful in your career and help you to start building your profile.
Complete Steps 1 TO 5

2) If
you're already
on Linkedin you can use this session to check and enhance your existing profile and get feedback.
Start from step 3

Source http://students.linkedin.com/uk
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