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Real Reading vrs. Fake Reading

No description

Amie Godefroid

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Real Reading vrs. Fake Reading

Real Reading versus Fake Reading
Are you a Real reader or a Fake reader?
Are you a Real reader or a Fake reader?
FInd a book that is interesting to you.
Ask yourself the following questions:
* Is this a "just right book?"
* Does this genre interest me?
* Have I read anything in this series or by this
* Will I have to abandon this book for any reason?
Become a REAL Reader!
What does it mean to be a real reader?
Popular Authors and Series
Real Readers:
are quiet and focused while reading
have picked an interesting, "just right" book
turn pages at the appropriate speed
show emotions while reading
Fake Readers:
talk and bother others
flip pages too quickly; not focused
abandon books before finishing
move around a lot

Get started reading by:
Dr Seuss said it best!

1. Choose a "just right" book.
2. Will this book hold your interest? Have you read this author or series before?
3. Have you read this genre before?
4. Will you have to abandon this book for any reason?
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